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February 06, 2010


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"...Palin and Rush Limbaugh enforce the social and fiscal conservative straightjacket..."

What, exactly, is the mechanism for this enforcement? A bunch of cigar-smoking Limbaugh brownshirts breaking my windows at night? Lol...it's always about coercion with them, isn't it? I guess that's the first thing that comes to their minds, as either solution or explanation.

Regarding Palin: I'm pretty much in sync with Dan Riehl. Palin achieved her staggering initial burst of popularity because she was an articulate, attractive public speaker who, for whatever reason, was the first Republican in years who actually had the guts to hew to those simple ideas that propelled Reagan to the presidency. That was manna from heaven for a bunch of us. But while it looks as though she's a pretty astute analyst (see the "Death Panels" comment), I wonder if she has the ability to take her analyses and then synthesize new policy from it. I'm not at all saying she can't, just that she hasn't proven it yet. But I certainly do enjoy the debilitating hysteria she induces in leftists.

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