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February 24, 2010


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Sarah doesn't have a deal. She believes in freedom. Jeb thinks she is just like most pols, finding a deal that can keep them elected.

We're all kind of "bushed" at the moment!

Thanks for this insight.

Well, I still greatly appreciate the fine Bush Family. Never felt they were perfect, no one is perfect.

Jeb Bush is a proven CEO, a true success as a Governor. He is on the good side, and he - his Family have helped this Nation greatly. He is very sharp, and his insight is often rather sound.

I understand the strong support for Mrs. Palin as well, but her popular image we encounter today, after running with the Maverick, poses a contradiction in terms. Frankly, every time Mrs. Palin is on the TV, in a serious interview on the Radio, etc., I am rather let down. Substance is indeed lacking, and the populist expression is problematic.

I began to be disappointed during the General Election, in an offering that could not be blamed on the McCain folly. In the big debate against the deceitful Mr. Biden, I failed to see the image match the hype. Her 'appearance' was okay, but the content was truly poor, as if Mrs. Palin wasn't really informed about the serious issues facing the USA after 9-11.

Mrs. Palin's "all Administrations make mistakes" was so truly weak, as it failed to defend all of the admirable endeavors the Republicans brought to the table after the destruction of the WTC. And this was a moment in which she could have truly expressed her own opinions. Interviews in the MSM would later reveal a complete lack of insight on a number of issues.

Yet, I still maintained a very high view of Mrs. Palin, but repeatedly would find myself disappointed after. I failed to see the offering grow, felt the abandonment of the Governorship as a sign of a lack of responsibility and serious commitment.

Mrs. Palin can be loved, and be held in an objective view on her offering. Politics is a tough game, and to be honest about the players is essential.

A true leader takes criticism in constructive terms, and tries to improve themselves.

I don't understand the failure to provide an offering at places like CPAC, selling Keynotes to suspect 'Tea Party Conventions', entertaining Third Party fantasies - from a former GOP VP Candidate.

Even the decision to run as McCain's VP Nominee, revealed a compromised conception, in which ambition trumped conviction. John McCain selected Mrs. Palin for her own Maverick status as a moderate reformer who pushed populist taxation on Oil Companies in Alaska. Mrs. Palin in turn embraced Cap and Trade Taxation pushed by Mr. McCain, the rejection of sound interrogation techniques like "waterboarding", etc. Perhaps the most concerning element was knowing her own daughter was pregnant, and she could have waited to run at a later date - even 2012 with the job completed in Alaska - given her Family some peace during the birth. The joining of the Maverick at this time revealed a lack of judgment faced with the opportunity - perhaps ambition overwhelmed sound decision making. Even now we hear of the young Daughter going to be on a new Television Series. It is rather odd. Shouldn't she be focused on being a new Mom, and her own future education?

Mrs. Palin is a fine symbol for many in the USA. She has an attractive nature, both inside and out. She has a great Family, is a fine Mother, a very talented and proven Public Servant. Her celebrity is wonderful for all Americans (very few Conservatives exist in this manner), especially for Women in America. We can all hope she inspires so many fine American Children, especially young Girls - to empower themselves in the future.

Mrs. Palin still has great potential, but the criticism is not without basis. These politicians - critics, including myself, who are not apart of the slanderous Democratic Partisan side, are offering their opinion mainly because of a genuine concern, and a wish to be helpful.

I like Jebbie. Hell, I still like Dubya. Havings aid that, Governor Bush seems like he's got a little sour grapes going on.

Homeboy needs to get over the fact that Palin is the new hotness and the Bushes are sorta old and busted.

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