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February 16, 2010


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It's because of things like this that The People need to get involved at the precinct level. We Can make a difference and work for ourselves and leave the hacks out...but it requires real work, committment, and the ability to withstand the onslought of 'the team'.

It is the people's America not the corrupt politicians'. Join the resurrection of freedom. Work with the Tea Parties.

Let the Dems run Baron "I set the rules" Hill. It will only serve to illustrate their contempt for the people of Indiana. If I were D'Ippolito I'd be showing again and again Hill's performance at his own town meetings.


I think they heard the Scott Brown coalition and it scared the bejesus out of them. They are very clearly trying to prevent such a thing from happening in Indiana.

Prior to blogging, twitter, facebook, etc it's been very easy for them to get away with such ridiculously transparent strategies. No one had a voice to contradict them loudly enough.

Sadly for the Dems, their thinking hasn't evolved yet. They are like the 50 something woman dressing as a 20 something girl. They are trying to act as if they're all "with it" but they don't quite get it and it shows.

You are mocking OUR FOUNDER'S seat and legacy.

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