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February 19, 2010


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I love this guy. Watch his interview at Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson

Anyone who is not ignorant and unable to make reasonable analysis can see that a civilization based on family values will be stronger than one whose values are variable. Humans will at times fail to honor these values but saying that one should not have them as goals to strive for is supreme ignorance.

I saw Congressman McCotter's appearance on Red Eye live. (or as live as you can be at that hour) He even had Greg Gutfeld nearly speechless (or as speechless as Greg Gutfeld can be) You could tell that the whole crew of Red Eye was also leaning in, waiting for the wise words that invariably come from the lips of such a sage. Thad McCotter is a treasure.

Laura Lee: Don't you LOVE the guy? He makes just about every other pol pale by comparison.

"I would argue that we remain philosophical, not ideological because as those who've read Russell Kirk understand, conservatism is the negation of ideology."

Yeah, McCotter is rad.

Mentioning Russell Kirk in a CPAC speech: WIN.

McCotter reminds me of my paternal grandfather, a quiet, introspective kind of man but when he spoke everyone leaned in to listen to his words of eloquence.

Politically, McCotter reminds me of the late, great President Calvin Coolidge.

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