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February 07, 2010


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Sarah seems to stand for what I believe is the function of government and what I hope the Tea Party symbolizes. First to provide for the National defense and then to make laws which protect the freedom of individuals from depredations by others.

I saw much of the interview until I got a telephone call and had to attend to it. Before that I saw an energized, engaging Sarah Palin taking no guff off of Chris Wallace.

I'm happy tonight. The Saints are no longer "Aints."

That tone deaf, no-speaka da English jerk in the White House just refuses to hear what WE the PEOPLE are saying to him. We don't want the freaking health care reform! We don't WANT IT you dimbulb idiot!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SAINTS AND ALL THEIR FANS! Beautiful game and a beautiful WIN! Proof of what you can achieve when you DARE TO GO OUTSIDE THE BOX!

That is indeed explosive and that everyone should listen! The administration is seemingly in the state of lethargy in the midst of the odds America is facing. I think, they need to listen!

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