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February 01, 2010


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Let us hope and strive to make today's Tea Party's as successful as the origional Boston Tea Party.

I hesitate to use the word that starts with a CH and ends with a GE but... so much has happened since March in Newburyport!

All politics is still local--but now local is as big as the internet.

And increasingly, the electorate is intent on dealing with REAL issues rather than ephemeral, "manufactured" issues. We don't buy into the climate change nonsense quite so readily as was expected, we don't hang our heads and feel inferior to those who attended the "elite" schools and, like Sarah Palin, have no shame at having attended a good state university where there is no place for arrogant snobbery. We understand much more clearly than the "elite" media would like that overspending leads to long-term debt and burdens our children far into the future. In other words, we are one heck of a lot smarter than the big-deal politicians want us to be. So sorry guys, but you need to get your noses out of the air and your heads out of your nether orifices and realize that you aren't the boss of the average American, you are our equal at best and perhaps, in displaying so blatantly your disdain for us, you earn our contempt rather than our servile adoration! Because we get it. We really truly get it!

I admire the old Rockefeller Republicans as much as the next fellow, but I confess to growing impatient when Bonnie Erbe et al wax nostalgic over the "moderate pro-choice" Republicans of old. As Mary Meehan observes, pro-life Democrats once made up an influential segment of their party:

In the 1970s, there was major opposition to abortion within the Democratic party--even after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. In 1977, for example, the right-to-life movement could count on 10-20 Democratic votes in the Senate and over 100 in the House.12 Pro-life Democratic senators included both moderates, and prominent liberals such as Thomas Eagleton of Missouri, Jennings Randolph of West Virginia, and William Proxmire of Wisconsin. Thea Rossi Barron, a Democrats for Life board member who was the National Right to Life Committee's first lobbyist, especially remembers "that wonderful senator, Tom Eagleton, who was always pro-life" and who was "the real leader, the floor leader" for the cause in the Senate. In the House, she could rely on Democrats James Oberstar of Minnesota and Romano Mazzoli of Kentucky as floor leaders; Democrat Daniel Flood of Pennsylvania, who championed pro-life riders on appropriations bills; and many others. All of this added up to real strength in a Congress then controlled by the Democrats.

Perhaps the GOP isn't the only party that today has been captured by its "extremist" wing? Is it possible that many members of the Party of the People once actually saw it as important to stand for society's weakest and most vulnerable -- unborn children?

To the Bonnie Erbes, however, to be "moderate" is to be "pro-choice." Before she starts going on about wedges perhaps she ought to remove the one in her own eye.

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