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January 09, 2010


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It sounds as if a tidal wave is building which may sweep Scott Brown into the Senate seat.

Thanks to all you are doing to try to get Scott Brown elected and stop this healthcare disaster. You are a true patriot in my eyes.

Go Scott! I'm checking in tomorrow to send my little donation to the effort. This is going to be a "shocker" to many when you cross the finish line the WINNER. God Bless America!

Thanks to the Instalanche I found your post and just donated $50. Thanks Sissy!

I donated yesterday from the "People's Republic of Washington State" and I hope that this tidal wave sweeps through our shores too, cleansing away the democrat decay in the next couple of elections. It's time to topple Patty Murray D-WA, also known as the "dimmest bulb in the Senate"- not my words, but true. We've also got a ton of other trash, like "Murtha-gate" partner in crime Norm (corruptocrat congressman for life) Dicks, to name a few.

Norm @ 10:58
I hope your Tidal Wave sweeps all of the RINOs also. We need to get rid of ALL of the "Professional Politicians". It is time for the general make-up of folks to start running this country again: businessmen, teachers (the real educators, not the lib-tards), doctors and lets get rid of the lawyers. Papasnake

A Republican victory? No fear. The Mass. Dems have undoubtedly been on the phone to the vote-counters (like ACORN) all week. My guess is that the fix is in for a repeat of Al Franken's "narrow win" in Minnesota.

Just donated from $50. Keep the pressure on!

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