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January 24, 2010


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I sure hope everyone pursuing this astroturfing campaign is taking screen shots of what they find. I suspect some of the "letters" will start disappearing down the memory hole this week...

I ain't buyin' "unsuspecting" media completely, though. Aren't they supposed to verify addresses and such for op-ed letters??

Scary stuff, any way you look at it. If they will cheat and scheme on things this petty, God only knows what else they're lying about.

Let us hope we can prevent the astroturfers from establishing a dictatorship and return to being the land of the free.

Sissy, "Ellie Light" left a comment on my blog this morning (LINK), explaining why she did it. Just a yahoo address (and IP) to identify, so who knows if it's her.

You should send your post to Instapundit!!!


Get as many eyeballs as possible!


The Malkin link was particularly educational.

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