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January 05, 2010


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Glenn Reynolds has accused you of outcampaigning the national GOP idiots! I agree with Glenn Reynolds that you have outcampaigned the national GOP who are (my assessment) idiots! I'm 67 years old, have been a Republican my entire life and feel I have EARNED the street cred to make that assessment of the national GOP!

I bet Joe Kennedy is sponsored by the Dems.

I bet Joe Kennedy is sponsored by the Dems.

Well, he's been a Dem/Independent his entire life....

I matched your bid, Sissy! Won't raise you, though.

Ms. Willis,

I'm a reporter with Investor's Business Daily who is working on a story about Brown-Coakley race, especially in light of the new Rasmussen poll. Could you please email me ASAP so I could interview you for my article?

David Hogberg
david.hogberg - at - investors.com

Sissy --

Just wanted you to know that, due to your cheerleading, this Chicago girl just kicked some campaign cash your candidate's way. Keep up the great work!


Sissy!!! You go girl! Outcampaigning the Republican party - you rock.

BTW - we just subscribed to Investor's Business Daily a few weeks ago (can't think why we waited so long to do it) and will be dropping the WSJ as our daily paper. IBD is excellent - what the WSJ used to be before Dow-Jones sold it. So if you get back to David and do an interview - I can't wait to see it!!!

It's amazing how Sissy Willis pwns the douche-tard national GOP when it comes to...I dunno...supporting candidates that have a chance to make an enormous impact on the political scene.

And yes, Kennedy the Libertarian is a third party plant by the Donkey-Punchers. Jon Corzine and the Democrats tried the same thing in New Jersey, to no avail.

As Hugh Hewitt says, "If it's not close, they can't cheat." If right of center turnout is what it should be, it can overcome a multitude of Democrat party shenanigans.

LOL... look at all you GOP suck-wads claiming to be "real tea-partiers".... LOL

Joe Kennedy is the only real TEA PARTIER in this race....

Get on board or get outta the way..... time for some real change... No More Two-Party Lies....

Got the paper this morning, dashed into the house and immediately read the article! Yay Sissy! Excellent quote from you and an overall great article about the election too.

BTW - I was so excited to get today's paper, I totally forgot about the groceries I bought this morning and had to go back out to the car to get them after I read the article. Heh.


I like the idea . . . previously expressed elsewhere by others, of giving "$9.12" contributions (or multiples thereof) to his campaign.

There are two basic reasons.

First, it is catchy because it is an issue that may make or break his campaign. There is not a lot of time, so "catchy" is good. The ill-conceived return by the Obama Administration to the pre - 9/11 mentality of heavy reliance on law enforcement to deal with terrorism, is frightening. This is a reminder that says we are now post 9/11 and we cannot go back to embrace the foolishness of the '90s.

Independents, and at least some Democrats who are deeply concerned with that pre - 9/11 approach, are supporting Scott. Scott has come out four-square against it, while Martha is babbling in banal blather. She simply has no position, or at least none that she is willing to articulate.

Secondly, $9.12 is a modest enough donation that it maximizes the potential for attracting a very large number of donors, from all over the country. And, there is nothing to stop someone from making such a donation in multiples of the amount, depending of course on their ability to do so.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work, Sissy!

Regarding the suggestion above by Goomp, and subsequent comments on the topic by others, please recall that during the Gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey just this past fall, an "independent" named Chris Daggett was in the race, who turned out to be nothing but a stalking horse for the unpopular Governor, Jon Corzine.

Several patently bogus polls came out showing Daggett gaining "increasing" strength -- one even suggesting that he had broken through the 20% mark!

But a day or so before the election, a story by Matt Friedman on "Politickernj" revealed that the Democratic State Committee was caught red-handed making robo-calls to Republican households in a heavily Republican county, urging voters to vote for Daggett.

It later turned out the calls were made to Republican households throughout the State. And the Democrat State Party Chairman lied to Friedman. The ultimate source was an unnamed DSC staffer who admitted to Friedman that it was true.

Only that ONE news-gathering organization did a written story, and AP did no follow-up, which would have appeared in papers statewide. But the story was instead quickly circulated by blogs, and heavily mentioned on talk radio.

Christie won by nearly 4%, while Daggett got less than 6% of the vote. Just watch the Democrats in MA try to "manipulate" the vote! They will do it in a heartbeat.

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