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January 03, 2010


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I am very excited about Scott Brown.
Do not live in Mass......but just sent
him a donation for his campaign.
D Miller

You are a leader in the Crusade for freedom from corrupt politicians.

Don't understand why Brown is being linked with the Tea Parties. He's not the Tea Party candidate. Joe Kennedy is.

I signed up for Brown's 1/11 money bomb? Anyone else?

I contributed to Scott's campaign. He is a very worthy candidate and a needed voice in the Senate. Get involved, Massachusetts! Ms Coakley thinks she can just ride it out...show up and win because she is (D) MA. I hope those days are over!

Aren't you worried about dirty tricks phone bankers -- obnoxious callers ostensibly for Brown but actually working for other side? It's so much easier to turn off a voter than to persuade one. Is there any way to screen for this? And don't think it's not likely. Sad to say, it's very likely.

1. "What’s the deal?" asks Riehl. "Sign on to the party of Kennedy in the right state, keep your mouth shut and you’ll be a Senator?"

Yeah, pretty much, although Riehl neglected to mention that It's Time For A Woman. (An authentic woman, that is. No conservatives need apply.)

2. When he blew a historic comeback with his scatterbrained behavior as the financial crisis broke, John McCain alienated me permanently. If anything, his endorsement of Brown is a negative.

3. From Brown's campaign site: In 2004, Senator Brown received the Public Servant of the Year Award from the United Chamber of Commerce for his leadership in reforming the state's sex offender laws and protecting the rights of victims. He's against sex criminals and for victims' rights? Wondrous to relate, so am I!

However, I am also against a police state. I am against prosecutor-abetted witch hunts like the Amirault case.

Did Brown manipulate this issue--I know Coakley is open to the same charge--, or was the reform genuine? Details from a knowledgeable source would be appreciated because I had no luck with cursory googling.
Brown will probably get my half-hearted vote, but if he wants more I need to know more. I will no longer support the Republican Party just because it probably would wreck the country a little more slowly than the Democrats are doing.

Endorsed by mcvain? Kiss of death...

Is it possible that there is a "Silent Majority" in MA? Could enough conservative voters turn out believing, for once, that they have a shot in an important election? I am excited by this prospect and what it means for the future of Massachusetts politics and the welfare of the Commonwealth.

"We're gonna jump right in and start phone banking for Brown — first time evah! — from home tomorrow morning."

Good for you and way to go! Blogging is all very nice, but in the end traditional methods of campaigning, phone calls and door to door, are the single most effective ways to elect candidates.

I know because I did enough of both last year to elect Bob McDonnell as governor here in Virginia. We won because we had better candidates, better ideas, and a better ground game.

Thanks for doing your part in Massachusetts.

Another point.

Look, for the GOP to achieve a majority we have to accept that we're not going to elect hard-core true 100% pure Reagan conservatives everywhere. Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

Yes we will have conservatives-lite in Massachusetts. It's either that or another Ted Kennedy. The choice is obvious.

The principle is that you elect the most conservative person you can for that district In some places that will be a true conservative, in others a conservative-lite. In Massachusetts I'll settle for any Republican.

You Joe Kennedy people are nuts. You'd rather have fascist healthcare and vote for a "pure" libertarian than stomach a Republican like Brown and thus kill Obamacare.

The best hope for Kennedy is that he draws away senile Coakley voters. As for those of us who are awake, we should be voting for Brown.

I sent a $100.00.

Scott Brown Could be our 41st Vote in the Senate!

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