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January 19, 2010


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To Mrs. Willis.

Dear Madam,

Having apply'd my Ghostly Mind with more than ordinary Attention to the Election in Massachusetts, I resolv'd with such Firmness as a Spectre may possess, to enroll myself, at last, as an American Elector.  'Tis plain that my Phantasmal State & Foreign Origin were no Impediment to the Exercise of that Office.  I may tell you, Madam, that I had my Hopes rais'd just t'other Day, when I met a fine, worthy-seeming Gentleman here upon the Astral Plane.

This Gentleman, one Mr. Curley, told me that he had once been, in Life, Lord Mayor of Boston; and, that he could see to my Enrollment as an Elector, if I so wish'd.  You may imagine with what Pleasure I heard this News.  Mr. Curley inform'd me that he was in daily Communication with several worthy living Gentlemen of his Party at Boston, and that they should see to my Enrollment. I said, t'was an Honour to be so allow'd once again, in my Ghostly way, to climb the Polling Booth Steps; but, that my only Care was how I should give Effect to my Vote?  Mr. Curley says I needn't worry.  He would see to Everything.

In the Meantime, I had closely to consider whom I should chuse.  I settled upon Col. Brown, as one sympathetick to my Humours, if not my Principles; for, I had always the highest Regard for the plain, direct Speach, and open Frankness of a Military Man; whilst Mrs. Coakley, of the opposite Party to Col. Brown's Tories, habitually pronounces Weasel Words, and says but little with much Clinquant & Tinsel.  In Truth, Madam, she seems more of a Leveler than a Whig.

I went to Mr. Curley earlier Today with my Vote.  He laugh'd in my Face, saying the Matter had been decided.  "What?" says I, "My Ballot has not been cast! I should be pleas'd to inform you how I would vote."  "You are not only a duly enroll'd Voter," says he, "in a Voting Machine in East Boston, but your Vote for Mrs. Coakley has aleady been registered.  Did you honestly think the Opinions of either the Living or the Dead carry much Weight with the Democratick Party?"

Alas! Madam, I am deceiv'd!  I am to be a mere Cypher—An unreasoning, disembody'd Wraith amongst the Gears & Cogs of a Machine.  Altho' I have been dead these 260 Years and more, 'tis a hard Fate, Madam! A hard Fate!

Praying you should ne'er be so ill-us'd, I am

         Your humble & obt. Servant,
             Sir Archy

Idealists should understand that working hard and honestly to produce better material goods at lower prices produces profits and makes a kinder better society than hand wringing and imposing incurably inefficient government controls will change the world. Vote for change. Vote for Scott Brown.

Sissy, no matter how it turns out, Brown or Coakley, the message has been delivered. The question remains, will the good old boys pay attention or ignore it?

Great coverage. By the way I notice that Sol made Best of the Web!

Isn't Douthat a "crunchycon", ie a right wing hippy? They align with the left on many subjects such as environmentalism, granola, Wall Street and the consumerist culture, which is probably how Douthat made it to the NYT, but do so for their own reasons. I'm sure they're a fringe of the fringe in the scheme of things but I think they too want our good old Republic back, so they're friends.

I was wearing my "It's the people's seat, stupid" tee shirt yesterday while going out to lunch and shopping and got nothing but thumbs up and big smiles from people. Apparently the message is spreading outside the borders of Taxachusetts to places like Virginia!

Granola is a good thing - basing your whole political philosophy on it is not.

Douche-hat is what passes for a conservative at the NY Slimes.

It's pretty well known that Douthat is a conservative -- a quick google search could have told you that. In fact I saw him speak last week at the Cato Institute in which he spoke favorably about a new book "Obamanomics" which rips on the Obama Administration for crony capitalism. He was hired by the Times to fill the space previously occupited by Bill Kristol.

Sir Archy's Commentary-Posting made my Day... nay, my entire Week!

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