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January 18, 2010


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Obama, Clinton, etc., were flown in, to try save Corzine in NJ. They tried desperately to make the race about the fine GW Bush, and flopped miserably. Team Obama seemed to foolishly to believe they had some magical influence, but Barack and Bill may have actually sent voters the other way.

Ironically, New Jersey has the same overt Democrat Partisan addiction as we have witnessed in MASS over the years, but 'change' seems to be in the air.

Perhaps it is the disastrous policies of the Democrats, who are still pushing the Carter Malaise. The endless taxation, regulation, appeasement, etc., are simply disastrous. Or maybe, the vivid lies about lobbyists, wiretaps, earmarks, signing statements, ethics, transparency, rendition, bows to kings, etc., have finally destroyed all credibility to the corrupt Democrat Machine.

Of course, the mindless return to the Clinton denial of treating Terrorism as a Law Enforcement issue, which failed miserably during the 90's and only enabled monstrous threats, is making everyone nervous. "Man made disasters" is a far more appropriate description for the modern Democratic Party.

Either way, I thank all who are working so hard to bring some sanity back to Washington via the impressive Mr. Brown - especially the amazing SISU.

Seems these elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts, are inspiring more to challenge the vapid Democrat Titanic, which is sinking us all:

Blakeman Announces Candidacy For Gillibrand's Senate Seat By: NY1 News
By: NY1 News - 01/18/2010 09:54 AM


Blakeman says he's confident he could beat Gillibrand – or her potential Democratic rival, former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford. " I really don't care who I run against. One's a congressman from Tennessee and the other votes like she's from Nebraska,” said Blakeman. “So it doesn't matter to me. I'm fighting for the people. I'm not fighting against them."

Let's challenge this DNC mess, everywhere, with all we have.

Time for genuine 'change'.

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