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January 07, 2010


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Ah I was one of those who didn't answer the phone although I received a very nice message to vote for Scott. As I intend to do that already, that's all good. Too bad it wasn't you Sissy! I would have stopped working and picked up the phone. ;-)

Bowdoin is Blue Line! For Green Line, get off at Haymarket. Hope I'll see you at the phone banks in the next week or so!

I've been doing my part too, working the phone bank in Littleton. Never done that before! I'm not interested in a close race, I'm interested in a WIN for Scott Brown.

I'm curious on the specifics if he wins on the 19th.

Will this in effect KILL THE BILL?

If so this needs to be clear to the many who stand against the legislation.

We just had a big organization meeting in Newburyport, tonight....70 people showed up, some from surrounding towns....I had an opportunity to meet Scott's dad...

Phone bank parties are scheduled for all week, next week....

Every voter in town will be called...

We will deliver Newburyport for Scott Brown....

Tea Partys in Massachusetts for Brown?

An idea.

I'm making a financial contribution because from here in Virginia, that's the best I can do. The many and various ways in which the health care bill alone is a disaster (has anyone given attention yet to the marriage penalty it contains?) should be reason enough for anyone who gives a rip to help Brown out with some moola!

Here's to the rising tide of understanding which can make Scott Brown the 21st Senator.

The Boston Globe ran a profile of Coakley in today’s edition.

True to form, the paper made no mention of the Father Geoghan case.

To remind you: in 1995 Coakley, then head of the Middlesex child abuse unit, looked into reports on three grade-school brothers who told investigators that Geoghan had inappropriately touched them during numerous visits to their Waltham home, and had made lewd telephone calls to them.

Rather than prosecute, or take ANY action to ensure that the pedophile priest could not repeat his crimes, Coakley agreed to grant Geoghan a year of probation in a closed-door proceeding that received no media attention at all.

Because of the deal, Geoghan faced no formal charges and no criminal record.

Because of Martha Coakley, Father Geoghan had SEVEN MORE YEARS TO SEXUALLY MOLEST CHILDREN before he was finally prosecuted.

Great job, Martha!

Imagine what she would do to the country as a Senator. Here’s a hint: it’s what Geoghan was doing to the children.

I donated! This is very exciting. Sissy, you are an inspiration.

It's almost like Martha Coakley is just Michael Dukakis with boobs or something.

Weekend furloughs for murderers, probation for pedophiles...its all the same brain-dead liberal justice.

Go Scott Brown if only to keep Coakley the Creep-Enabler out of the US Senate.

I' froom Texas. How can I donate to Scott Brown?

Janet Moore: Click here to contribute!

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