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January 22, 2010


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The mainstream media was taken over by the so-called educated class. Many of these educated people are ignorant of what makes for a free and prosperous society. Freedom to pursue honest goals by dint of hard work is essential. The role of government has to be to enforce the rules which are laid down to prevent the corruption which always appears when some develop too much power. As we must remember "power corrupts"whether it be political or economic or intellectual. The Blogs and twitter are rectifying this failing of the MSM.

You're in the big time now, Sissie! Glad to see that your tireless and creative blogging support for Brown was recognized. You were a significant part of this perfect storm of an election.

Probably the most vulnerable politician in the state after Gov. Patrick is 2nd district House Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA).

I am reminded of something that I encountered in the mid-90s. I was visiting California, staying with Sis and her then-fiance. He fancied himself quite the expert on all things involving wines and liquors - he was a functioning alcoholic in my view - but one story he told me was hilarious. It seems that there is a winery in California that takes all the miscellaneous overages from its various wine vats and combines them into a wine they call "Chateau de Cash Flow" and which they sell for a quite modest price. My sister's fiance bought some bottles, covered the labels and took them to some fancy-schmancy wine tasting where everyone became quite excited about this new vintage! He took great pleasure in revealing his deception to the wine snobs in attendance.

The two coasts of our nation and the IVY league snooty-britches gang are afflicted with the same malaise as those wine snobs. They do not and cannot recognize that we in flyover country are just as smart and far more practical and sensible than they are. They must, at all costs, cling to their mistaken sense of superiority because, at the end of the day, that is absolutely ALL they have! They mostly don't have personality, they don't have much sense or the ability to deal with day-to-day realities (excusing their inability to balance a checkbook as being beneath their lofty selves) but they do have massive egos that are based on their own perceptions of their superiority. And in the depths of their squinchy little souls, they know they have nothing to offer!

Congratulations; you earned the accolades!

I can haz photo of Tiny with a Brown campaign sign or one of those wonderful "People's Seat" T-shirts?

We can say "We knew her when..."

Actually more than anything I think it's soooo cool you got a panel in Day By Day! I love it!

America, founded on individual freedom, had local government no more than one day’s horseback ride from the governed. 19th century Democrats ran on individual and state’s sovereignty. Laws on behavior moved to the Federal government away from local and state government. The tradition of local control was never lost, from the town hall meetings to Vigilante movements were citizens concerned with the way they were governed and took action to right the wrongs. The Tea Party Movement is an example of citizen participation against governing elite far from people. However, 20th century Democrats declared Tea Parties vigilante mobs. America’s founding traditions are cited in The Changing Face of Democrats, Our Lost Libertarian Roots, on claysamerica.com.

This book deal is just the beginning my friends. In keeping with the Obama "path to the White house", Scott Brown will run for president and win. Get your free Scott Brown for President bumper sticker (while supplies last) at http://ScottBrownForPresident.com and help make history!

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