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January 28, 2010


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Just right.

One great danger is the supreme ignorance of the educated class. They do not understand that the USA is the freest and most prosperous country that ever existed and how it became so.

And when, pray tell, is Scott Brown going to take his seat?

Not only was President Obama RUDE to the Supreme Court but he also LIED about the effect of that decision he was criticizing.

What's really interesting is now American corporations can speak with the same sized voice as that p.o.s. George Soros can - that's what's really upsetting our President.

Another fine post...

However, the GOP never stopped being the "a pro-freedom".

Anti-Washington sentiment is interesting, populism will always sell.

I think it is important to be more clear, instead of the fashion we see peddled with is so often confused.

GW Bush and the Republicans took aggressive and admirable steps to fight for freedom around the World, it is one of the GOP's finest characteristics.

But the Bush Administration did a vast number of outstanding 'pro-freedom' efforts on the Domestic side, which helped all Americans, including those wonderful Tax Cuts.

Alito and Roberts, another product of the Republican Tenure in the Executive Branch, just shot down the oppressive nature of a very misguided McCain-Feingold censorship of free speech.

My humble point is, we will always have misguided fashion followers like McCain, but the following of a simplistic conservative fashion, can be just as counter productive as well.

Concepts that the Republicans abandoned their convictions are largely overblown. Most foolishly grew reactionary after 2004, primarily due to fears about Iraq, and some actually enabled the opposite of what they wanted - enabling the likes of Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, etc.

Mr. Brown, Mr. Christie, Mr. McDonnell, etc., are all evidence the voters may be returning to sanity. I just feel, Voters don't view all in a vacuum, they remember the Republican offering in the past, and the Republican Majority from 2002 to 2006, coupled with the Bush Administration's fine leadership, is such an attractive alternative to the Democratic Disaster we see today.

Encouraging more sound policy and representation in a sincere conservative effort is wonderful, just I truly believe the Republicans got a very bad rap from some very emotive sources.

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