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January 15, 2010


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"Maybe we've never been tempted, but we just don't get how these people can face themselves in the morning light."

It's simple; vampires all go back to their crypts before daylight so the issue never arises.

Hey Sis.

For the record, I bopped over from Michelle Malkin's site.

Please make a note.

American Power tracked-back with, "'What the Heck is Really Going on Here in Massachusetts Below the Radar?'".

Given the reference to Brown Beauty and the Revolutionary War, I wanted to share a comment I saw somewhere else.

If Brown wins, it'll be the "Scott heard round the world."

The "Tea Party" party is America rising above the corruption and greed of those who produce nothing to enhance our prosperity and moral character.

Sissy, you have given a lot of vox to the populi. If Brown wins (and I think he will) it will be a credit to your dedicated information and opinion writing and sharing. So please put up a donation button or at least a link to an Amazon wishlist. I really think people need to be supporting new media (free media) that they value. Thank you!

"If Brown wins, it'll be the "Scott heard round the world."

Rest assured that if (when) Scott wins, the MSM will see to it that there is a Brownout of the news.

Just A fellow Chelsea - ite up here on Admirals Hill who can't wait to vote for Scott on Tuesday, checking in. Keep up the good work.

The two main victories of having a Brown victory (or coming close) are 1) ObamaCare will fail even if it passes via reconciliation and 2) it demonstrates to the one-party system establishment that no seat is safe. This is a kick in the groin to the leadership of BOTH parties (be wary of the post-election spin by BOTH parties).

I realize that most of the country can't believe that MA could possibly be fertile ground for the Tea Party message but having lived half of my life in Boston, I completely get it. The original Tea Party was in Boston and MA residents have been proud of their history but cynical about their politics for a long time but couldn't do anything about it since the political system was so rigged.

Suddenly a small crack of opportunity opens to quickly grow into a wide chasm as the Tea Party message slips through and resonates within the historical context of their long frustration. It is now a viral phenomenon.

It makes perfect sense that the pivotal moment for the Tea Party movement would occur in Boston. It is beautiful historical symmetry. If Brown wins, Boston Harbor re-affirms its status as a national symbol for the latest struggle to shake off tyranny in our own time.

Is that you in your charmeuse pajamas? You're a hotty!

Doug Santo
Pasadena, CA

Sissy, you have inspired this post (and I really am still in my Saturday morning pajamas):

Martha Coakley, the King of the United States, and the Minutemen of Massachusetts


You go girl!

Do sweatpants, two-day old beard growth and a Black Sabbath t-shirt count as pajamas?

There is little I enjoy more than intelligent commentary by an accomplished smart-a**. I'll be checking back. Thank you!!!


We have 5 Scott Brown videos posted on Common Cents.

My daughter Sissy, a leader of the present day Massachusetts Militia.

Robot theater campaign spot


Your dedication, loyalty and determination are inspiring. You are amazing.

Thank you.

I think we're going to find out from exit polls Tuesday night that Brown has a lot more support from among the enrolled Democrats of Mass than people currently understand, working from crosstabs of relatively small-sample polls. think Mitt endorsement of Brown is just one small sign of the backing he's getting from moderate Dems.

Utah's Third Congressional District was one of the most Republican in Congress, but in 1990, the Rs made the mistake of nominating a party hack for the seat on the assumption that people would vote for a ham sandwich if it was on the Republican ticket. That's how Bill Orton, a Democrat, became a Congressman for three terms.

It sounds like this syndrome isn't limited to Utah. We saw it in upstate New York, costing Republicans a "safe" seat last year. Now it's popped up MA, where a dimwit has been nominated to succeed Teddy K and is trailing Republican/Independent Scott Brown. I hope you all shove this arrogant and insulting nominee, Coakley, back down the Democrats' throats and serve them notice that the government is from the people up, not from the pols down.

I don't know who Jon Keller is, but he's in the WSJ with an article headed "The Backlash is Coming! The Backlash is Coming!" If I lived in Massachusetts, I'd be telling everybody I knew to vote for Scott Brown in memory of the kind of politics that Ted Kennedy stood for and his support for this abhorrent health care bill.

I have survived conflicts, some violent, but this is the most important of our lives. Thanks for all you are doing.

"We're gonna get there soon."

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