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January 12, 2010


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All elected offices must belong to the people. When the government belongs to the people we have the complete picture of what the USA is all about and why we all benefit when freedom rings. When government belongs to the few, the few own the people and only the few benefit.

That comment made me stand up and cheer wildly. It frightened the cat, but Mr. Stoutcat laughed.

Brown's reply was perfect. I regret to see that it is being changed to "It's the people's seat, stupid".

This lowers the reply to the level of the Clintons' petty name calling and insults.

We don't need to go there... Brown's reply needs no added emphasis.

I agree... it's more powerful without the insult. I won't buy this shirt... what the GOP needs is to rise above this petty stuff with strength and poise, not ape it.

You can't clean the gutter by holding the broom loftily in the air, above the trash. You have to put it down in the gutter.

When you do this, the broom does not become trash itself. It may get dirty, but it can be cleaned after the trash has been removed.

Likewise, this t-shirt and any other tools that the GOP needs to use to combat the lies and distortions from the Dems.

I think it would be more effective minus the "stupid."

Brown's comment was even better than reported here. There are four parts to the story. The circumstances in which it occurred made the event one to remember.

1. Gergen was condescending in tone while declaring the need to pass the health (tax) bill. He then proposed that the Senate seat belongs to the Kennedy family. He then created this (ugly) mental picture of this little peon Brown daring to sit in the Ted Kennedy seat while voting against Ted Kennedy's socialist dream.

2. 3. 4. Brown's three-part retort was "It isn't the Kennedy seat. It isn't the Democrats' seat. It is the People's seat."

The scene represented the classic conflict: Democrats who believe they are entitled to rule versus a Republican standing up for the People who want representatives, not self-appointed masters.

Gergen and Brown played their rolls to perfection. No wonder Brown raised over $1 million yesterday. Good for him.

Stoutcat: My apologies to your cat.

Jim Murray: Well said.

To those of you who object to the use of the word "stupid," it is meant in ironic reference to that cultural artifact of the 90's, James Carville's "It's the economy, stupid." I thought it was rather clever, myself.

You should drop the "stupid."

Mr. Brown paid for this microphone, not you.

And here I thought it was liberals who had no sense of humor.

If I weren't saving $$ to help make November a "Recall 2009" referendum, I would buy three of these T-shirts to send to my 2 Senators and 1 Rep, (all "D" for Do-Whatever-the-Tyrants-Dictate).

I'd consider buying if a.) "Stupid" weren't involved. Cheapens the message. b.) sizes kept in mind that 1.) a guy might want this 2.) a girl who wasn't anorexic might as well. (Sorry.)

"I am in Brooklyn on an old computer and could not leave a comment on the mighty SISU," e-mails our old blogfriend Michael. Here's what he had to say:

"Great T-Shirt!

"Three Cheers for you Ms. Willis!

"I worked hard on the NJ effort in defeating the disastrous Democrats, and am so thankful you are there to help out the super Mr. Brown.

"Thank you so much, best wishes, and with luck, we may shock the world again.

"Much joy."

bebere: Thanks for pointing that out.

For the men and others who don't go for the tight-fitting little pink number, there's a unisex white shirt available in sizes S through 4X-large!

I've added a link in the caption at top of post. : )

Just ordered the tee shirt. I have a feeling it's going to be needed a great deal in the coming year!

I use my "Baby" mousepad every single day at work!

This gives hope. Late yesterday afternoon The Globe posted its endorsement of, surprise, Coakley and the comments section exploded in favor of Brown. This morning they re-posted the same lame editorial with a different URL and brand new comments section and the comments section is once again leaning heavily Brown.

Amy Kane: Thanks for the heads up!

I've used your comments in my latest post, Boston Globe readers agree with Scott Brown!

What I'm wondering is why a pink shirt for this ???

Great Blog. Was always in lookout for these themes. Fantastic picture and post. Thanks for sharing.

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