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January 14, 2010


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My fingers are crossed...

Can MASS finally see the light for just long enough?

Thanks for all your fine work.

Three cheers for Mr. Brown and the Mighty SISU.

MA resident here, Middlesex County:

I've been following the race closely on the blogs. To our fellow conservatives elsewhere, trust me when I say we Massachusetts conservatives are EXCITED.

We know the odds. Intrade gives us 25%. That's 1 in 4. I'll take those odds any day - this is Massachusetts! Give us a sliver of daylight and we'll claw through the darkness to reach it. For a long time, voting R in Massachusetts has been an exercise in futility. Often the down-ticket offices didn't even have a Republican candidate. Now we have a chance to cast a meaningful vote. Trust me when I say we are motivated.

Sisu, I gather you're a Mass. resident too. I'm planning on visiting the Brown Boston office this weekend and volunteering. Maybe I'll see you there!

Let us pray! In all the justified concern about the situation in Haiti, perhaps a miracle can be achieved in Massachusetts. I am praying for Mr. Brown's success. Our nation needs it.

Just tried to make donation to Brown campaign via their website; page is not working! Accepts inputs but can't submit. Anyone with access to campaign HQ should alert them ASAP. (Possible hack? wouldn't put it past them.)

Also tried calling iContribute that hosts the website but keep getting "circuits busy" tone so others may be having same problem.

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