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January 04, 2010


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Should the practice of voter fraud be consdered treason and receive the same punishment?

Michelle Malkin explains in a rousing endorsement of our favorite son: "...Yet, Brown received a measly $50,000 from the national GOP and NRSC compared to the nearly $1 million that radical leftist Dede Scozzafava raked in."

Presumably the national GOP thought that protecting a historically safe seat is a sounder investment than a long shot in ultraliberal MA. Probably, with the competence that got them blown out of office by extreme leftists in this center-right nation, they did not check the details in NY23. Malkin is a smart entrepreneur and she surely knows this.

The left in disarray. What a lovely thought. Let's do our best to help them over the edge.

It's not a lovely thought when neither major party is fit to govern. The entity that is being helped toward the edge is the United States of America.

My probable vote for Brown will be a vote for divided government, not a vote for the GOP.

Joe Kennedy is NOT a tea party candidate. He's just not.

Scott Brown has spoken at Tea Party rallies. He's made speeches. Joe Kennedy claims to have shown up at a few of them, but has never once made a speech, helped with the organisation, nor even lifted a finger to help with the post-rally efforts.

Claiming to attend a Tea Party does not a "Tea Party Candidate" make. I really, really wish that the conservative blogosphere would get on this one.

Roxeanne de Luca....

You Lie!!

You're GOP scum trying to masquerade as a true tea-partier...

Joe Kennedy is the real deal!

If Massachusetts voter fraud is that bad, maybe Tea Partiers need to volunteer in large numbers to be poll watchers. Ya think?

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