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January 19, 2010


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May Thursday's sun shine bright on our Old Massachusetts home as we find the people's Senate seat once again belongs to the people.

I held a Scott Brown sign from 7 to 9 AM this morning outside the polling place today. Yes, there was species recognition by the voters, usually a sly grin accompanied by a twinkle in their eyes. When relieved of sign duty at 9 AM, I went into the school, picked up my ballot, and took my own sweet time carefully, slowly, deliberately filling in the oval dot next to Scott R. Brown's name. I held up the ballott, said to self: "Finally, a ballot where my vote could mean something!" I savored that moment! First time I felt that way in a Massachusetts poll booth EVAH.

Sissy: I'm following this race closely from my home in the Big Sky Country. GO SCOTT BROWN!!!

Please keep us in the Northern Rockies posted because we're watching!

I'm hoping for a convincing win. But the reality is, whether Scott is declared the winner or not, he has won by making the "sure thing" a real race to the finish.

One of my friends from FL called me a short while ago and asked how it felt to be in the middle of such historic doings. I said it was pretty good and I'm enjoying it when I can take a break from working... LOL.

For all of your hard work, I hope Scott Brown pulls it out.

Go Scott Brown!!!

From an Okie that gave.

I'm with you too on New York's Upper West Side. We still don't have the courage to hold up a sign in public for a Republican. If they can find us a candidate like Brown for this fall I promise you I will!

Barry Youngerman

I'm from Atlanta, GA and gave to Scott Brown, as did a number of my friends. We are anxiously standing by, fingers crossed, silent prayers...please!

I'm not resting until the final word is in...look what happened in MN!




I do hope sweet Tiny had an extra-special treat for dinner tonight. I know my kitties did!


Sissy: Congratulations to you. I know you worked hard to help Senator Brown win.

Sissy, how does it feel to know you had a big hand in this, girl???

Congratulations, and thank you so much!

Congratulations and thanks for all the intelligent work. Here's hoping we can do something about Boxer in California soon.

Congratulations to the USA AND MASS !


Simply Outstanding.

Way to go mighty SISU.

You rock...

So does Mr. Brown.

Thanks to Mr. Romney as well.

We await 2010.

I, for one, hope the good old boys pay attention. Good job, Sis. You won fair and square.

Congrats and thanks on your help - if you remember I told you and your commenters from the beginning that Scott was a stand up guy and was going to win. The only thing bumming me out is now I feel really old. I remember his daughter when she was barely old enough to walk.

Hi Sissy! Havent commented on your site in years, but wanted to give you "a callout" for your effort in Brown's successful run. I remember us having a discussion several years back about what had happened to the great people of Massachusetts whose refusal to be cowed and fortitude established the nation and led the revolution. Maybe they've rediscovered their heritage! Lets hope so!

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