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January 06, 2010


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Republicans have to pound home the obvious fact that a vote for any Democratic candidate, no matter how socially and economically conservative, is also a vote for Pelosi and Reid because all Democrats elected to Congress vote for Democrats to run the Senate and House of Representatives. The Democratic party as a whole is controlled by liberals, so you cannot block those liberals by voting for Democrats, no matter how conservative those Democrats happen to be.

Ritter was tired of being paid peanuts

trying to help the economy Bush ruined

Connecticutt: Peter Schiff

I normally have no issues with what you say or do--but really, posting a picture of the Botox Queen Pelosi here is not nice...children may be viewing your site. Have you no shame? :_)

It makes no sense that the GOP bigs aren't aware of this race--US Senate, replace Ted Kennedy---c'mon!!!

So their not putting money or staff into it has to tell us something about them. Hmmm, what could that be?

Nick, where are you?
a) Colorado is fairing relatively well (anecdotally: I can see many cranes from my office window, right now)
b) Why does everyone overlook the fact that CONGRESS - not the president - is in charge of budgets and such? The last two years of the "economy Bush ruined" was presided over by Pelosi & Co.
c) Ritter deserves to go. He's created a mess of red ink, which somehow has avoided touching the civil service.

Don't get too excited about the GOP challengers to Blumenthal. Linda McMahon is BFF with, among others, Rahm Emanuel per this post at Powerline.


Put the country on the fast track to fiscal ruin and then bow out in droves.
The New Socialists are going to destroy the country via laws/bills and then dive for cover leaving the Republicans standing there with their junk in their hands amongst the ruins while the peasantry pisses and moans for relief, that isn't coming because the treasury was looted, the booty split and the criminals long gone from the scene.

Perhaps the deserting dems fear physical violence will descend on DC.

"Ritter was tired of being paid peanuts
trying to help the economy Bush ruined"

Interesting, I thought he was governor of Colorado, not President. Anyway, did he managed to get the Community Re-Investment Act Repealed, or shut down the spigot of toxic mortgages spewing out of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac into Wall Street?

Perhaps the deserting dems fear physical violence will descend on DC.

Well, goomp, they are fleeing DC, dragging their bags of gold behind them but when it hits the fan all I can say is that "we're taking names brother".

Looks like Ritter, Dorgan, & Dodd just joined the Teabagee Party.

Most people who argue politics get angry because they really do not have a handle on their subject, though a strong feeling. It is easier to gain confidence than you think. Just look at the roots to understand the whole tree. Answers or, better, questions, flow easily when the roots are clear. There are only two sides to a political argument. One side says community interests are more important than are individual interests, and the reverse is the other side, as cited on claysamerica.com. Look at this site and take the ten simple steps to have a clear and confidant vision from which all issues are easily grasped and discussed. Claysamerica.com

The blatant bribery being practiced in the Senate was pretty nauseating to most Americans of any common sense (which isn't all that common any longer) or sensibilities. Chris Dodd was one of the beneficiaries. And as to "fixing Bush's ruin of the economy" that was a DEMOCRATIC Congress spending all that money for the last years of George W.'s administration so don't be so quick to start spraying around bullets from the blame pistol kids!

The problem with the current crop of idiots on The Hill is that they don't care or remember that THEY work for US, not the other way around.

And has anyone really taken a look at the "marriage penalty" in the current health care debacle they're trying to cobble together in the dead of night and behind closed doors? So much for transparency.

Sissy can be forgiven for posting Botox Nancy's picture (and wow, she sure is UGLY - guess it's true that the insides eventually show on the outside); she balances it by multiple pictures of the beauteous Tiny!

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