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January 09, 2010


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The fate of the "Land of the Free" hangs in the balance. A supreme court that will overrule the Constitution, a president who has Fascist leanings and a Democrat-controlled Congress could be fatal. Man the Ramparts!

If National Guardsmen killing students in Ohio couldn't spark a revolution, nothing will.

It's hard to picture the greatest nation on earth, sink to this level of apathy.

The USA, with the most amazing constitution ever written by man, plunges towards tyranny with nary a whimper. The founding fathers of your great nation specifically included wording, separation of jurisdictions and responsibilities to PREVENT the very things the Obama administration/Senate/Congress is inflicting on your country.

To paraphrase: anyone willing to forgo liberty in exchange for security, deserves neither.

Dante, I assume that either you weren't around in 1970, or that you were on the side of the jackals. The poor kids in the national guard were afraid for their lives. Should they have killed the rioters? No. Should there have been a revolution? Only if you were a far left-wing whacko.

On the election:
Never interrupt an enemy
while he is making a mistake.

On Kent State: That was the _Ohio_
National Guard vs the College students;
Blue collar vs white collar teenagers.
The college students were hurling rocks
and sexual taunts, the Guard troops were
afraid, and angry, and the _supposed_ adults
in charge of the _state_ government were criminally irresponsible to have pitted
armed troops against students.

The State is still doing stupid things;
Try and discover who is doing what to whom,
and who is getting paid, then direct your
anger accordingly.

This development makes me pretty happy. If even in reliably left-wing Massachusets, the liberals have to break all kinds of laws to stay in power - wait until more moderate states find out about this. Obama and his ilk will most likely destroy the Democratic party and liberalism. Barry is once again proving my predictions right.

Please read what I wrote back in November 2008

Don't worry, Coakley will have enough votes from disused warehouses, abandoned home sites, dilapidated tenements and cemeteries to squeak by. Turn out will be so vast that the number of votes will exceed the number of voters in Mass.

I concur with IC. No doubt the Democrats have been on the horn to ACORN all week.

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