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January 20, 2010


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The people have spoken and the Tea Party a huge factor in making the voice of the people heard over the MSM.

People like you and Tuck are responsible for this wonderful victory and should be congratulated on this wonderful day when good things have happened.

Gas up the truck, Scott! We're waiting for you here in D.C. with joyous anticipation!

I knew nothing of Scott Brown or Sissy Willis two months ago, but after the huge victory last night, I wanted to review the blog-history of my favorites and re-found the links from Instapundit to your blog. I remembered them, but didn't follow them back in December. All I can say, is "Amazing". You took this challenge on, helped Brown discover the power of the internet, and proved that Kos and Obama have serious competition in getting candidates into office. Excellent work - you should be very proud of your efforts, Sissy. I am impressed.

Nice job, Sissy. I can't tell you how relieved I am that you and your fellow Massachusetts voters were able to pull it off. You've given me hope that we can push the left out of the driver's seat and back onto the lunatic fringe where they belong before they total the country.

Congratulations, Sissy! You deserve them. :)

God bless all of you in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts!


Mrs. Palin's comments and tweets are fine, but to be fair, Mr. Romney deserves great thanks, being involved from the get go.

Thank you to all who worked on this wonderful effort. Mr. Christie was sworn in as New Jersey Governor yesterday as well.

Virginia, NJ, MASS !

SMART POWER grows...

Congratulations! Your (and others) call three weeks ago did it! Thank you for speaking up at the right time with the right message.

Congratulations Sissy! You were one of the key movers and shakers helping to elect Mr. Brown! I think you deserve an award... after all you did one of the most difficult jobs ever - went up against entrenched liberal Massachusetts voters and bowled 'em over!

You rock!

Sissy deserves to spend all day taking a bow for this win. You were there when Brown was just a guy whose role was to play the patsy against the Democratic candidate. Congratulations and on behalf of all Americans I say thank you!

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