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January 14, 2010


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AWESOME!!! I am so excited that like the rest of America the people of MA are AWAKE to the hypocrisy of both the LEFTIST media and the Democrats. Scott Brown knows more about and cares more about the people in his state then Coakley could ever care to. She thought that D would be enough that the serfs would never look at her personally and lo and behold they have indeed looked at her and are REJECTING her and the politics of personal destruction.

Sissy, one of the comments on the (new URL) Globe editorial:

davelja wrote:
My family was going to go with Coakley, who for us, is a local candidate. We've received multiple calls from Scott Brown's campaign and not a thing from Coakley. We're swinging for Brown. It's time for a change of direction.

Way to go, phone bank volunteers!

Just linked in from Legal Insurrection to discover your blog, Sissy. Nice to meet a sister Massachusetts Scott Brown supporter!

Keep the faith!


Terrific comparison to the Tenn anti-state tax citizen action, very apt to this Mass election....BRAVO on your good work on this!
With Good Luck, all Mass residents may finally get representation in DC!

It seems to me to be a combination of circumstances: Coakley is running what to my mind is the absolute worst campaign I have ever seen - and I've seen some real clangers in my (lengthy) day - and Scott Brown is running a really good campaign with a lot of really good, seriously committed people supporting him.

While Massachusetts is the state that has produced some excellent public servants it is also the state that produced the hilariously unqualified Michael Dukakis. Guess it's catch-as-catch-can there in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, eh?

We need to be winning this, one fight at a time. The next fight will be to get the newly elected Senator Scott Brown certified and seated quickly. Then we can kiss that abominable healthcare bill goodbye at long last. AND put the fear of God into the Dems in Congress - especially the House who is entirely up for reelection!

One election at a time, one seat at a time. Let's roll!

Keep up the good work, Sissy.

Let's hope we see a change in MassachusettEs and at The Globe. Both need change acutely.

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