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December 31, 2009


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I think you jump-started his recent campaign tack, where he (finally!!!) brings up the "41st senator" concept. Hello!!!!! THE MOST IMPORTANT potential vote in the Senate?!??!!

Sissy, you mover-and-shaker, you! You've even got me doing phone duty for Scott Brown!

Miss Kelly: Way cool. You call, girl?

Manliness can save America. March on you manly women!

What does Scott Brown have to lose? He's still a Republican, which means he's automatically at a disadvantage in Taxachussetts. Getting a Palin endorsement can only fire up the conservative base and piss off people who weren't going to vote for him anyway. If he's gonna win this thing, he's gonna need heavy rightish/Tea Party/GOP rank and file turn-out.

How could it hurt? We have already seen "Blue Dogs" in action on the HCR bill so why worry about offending some potential Dem votes. Go for the hot-blooded conservatives and chant 41, 41, 41! If the Dems who have come to hate this bill realise that they can stop it, they might just jump on the Brown band wagon.

Blue Dogs are conservative democrats in conservative states. There are No Blue Dogs in MA. If you are going after hardcore Republicans in MA you are talking about make a dozen or so (well thats understated but you get the idea) The state has 2x as man Dems as Republicans. For Brown to win he needs all the Republicans and about 1/3 Democrats and about 2/3 independents.

Palin would lose about 1/2 independents and all democrat votes. Makeing it an instant loss for Brown.

If you got All the republicans to vote for him without any dems or a large percentage of independents it just isn't going to be enough. Maybe in a state that wasn't so HEAVILY left leaning she MIGHT help. Not here though.
Thats how it could hurt.

Scott Brown Could be our 41st Vote in the Senate!

Great article...we linked to it on our Mass. Senate discussion thread over at "Conservative Talk Forum." We are trying to raise money for Mr. Brown and recruit volunteers. Please feel free to join us at this address:


Thank you very much.

Scott Brown lives in Wrentham, not Weymouth

If your in support of the Pro-life movement, then come join the pact at http://www.prolifepact.com/jointhepact.htm We are looking to gain millions worldwide to join this pact for outlawing abortion!

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