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December 29, 2009


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As it should be right makes might. Rise up America. Let freedom ring.


Los Republicans have rolled over and are playing dead.



I've known Scott for a long time and donated $100 this fall and my wife has done volunteering for him. He'd be a great Senator and a credit to MA.

Charlie: They've been disintermediated via the internet, silly!

bandit: Cool that you're friends with the man of the hour. I've been corresponding informally with Senator Brown via Facebook, and he seems to be on a roll, getting lots of support from Tea Party types both within and outside of the Commonwealth!

I sent $9.12 directly to the Brown Campaign, bypassing our Glorious Leaders in the GOP. Frack them all!

Good on ya, Dandapani!

Massachusetts is poorly understood by the rest of the country. The Democrats survive here because many of them are more conservative than Republicans in the rest of the country. The Republican Party here is the kiss of death, so the best thing that the party could do for Brown is stay away from his campaign.

If you were here, you would notice that the vast majority of the political ads these days are on behalf of Bill Galvin, the conservative Democrat Secretary of State who is not running for the Senate.

I don't know if Brown can win, but he's certainly not dead in the water.

I'm very excited to see so much support coming from Mitt Romney and his supporters at http://mittromneycentral.com/2009/12/30/scott-brown-could-be-our-41st-vote-in-the-senate/ Mitt knows Massachusetts and he must see that Scott has a chance.

And after he wins, we can all celebrate with a Boston Tea Party.
I heard they have a time-tested location ready and waiting.

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