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December 02, 2009


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Yay! So glad to hear Tiny is progressing well. I'm sitting here in my office (which isn't all that cold but when I'm not moving my fingers and toes get very cold indeed) and thinking I'd love to be curled up on the couch with Tiny next to me keeping me warm. ;-)

PS - Note to Algore... the weather has been pretty nice here so just stay away!!! LOL

Tiny's pussycat toes are absolutely adorable. I would love to give her a little toe massage which - administered properly - leaves a pussy cat in a state of total bliss. I find her antipathy to health care workers entertaining. Sam, on the other hand, purrs when he's at the Vet's office - any vet. Apparently his hostility to people other than his mother doesn't extend to the girls with the sweet voices and the flowered smocks who cart him around the vet's office! Who understands cat logic? Not me.

I am very pleased that Tiny is progressing as hoped, and she certainly looks happy and content.

Hi Sissy--

Good to hear Tiny is progressing. Don't feel bad about the roller-coaster blood glucose levels-- my Princess's scores went up and down like a demented Zogby poll for months. At one point the vet had her on 4 units of insulin twice a day; it was only after she lost a little weight that her insulin dose was lowered to 2 units twice a day, then 1 unit twice a day, then 1 unit once a day, then off insulin altogether. FWIW, diabetic cats take longer to regulate than diabetic dogs-- at least, that's what the vet says.

As for feistiness, I suspect Tiny and Princess are two of a kind. My other two kitties were perfectly well behaved when they had their annual checkup the Monday before Thanksgiving, but Princess took a skin biopsy and blood sample from one of the techs at the end of her exam. It was a good thing I had brought a pre-Thanksgiving treat (Italian chocolates) for Dr. Davis and her staff!

Princess calmed down, though, when Virgil (the office cat, named after the poet) started to flirt with her as he does with all female cats. Maybe Earl Grey will help Tiny feel better about her trials at the vet's.

Meanwhile, that other diabetic fellow, Sam the Wonder Cat continues to muck along on his 1 unit twice per day. He was looking dreadful after his diagnosis - all matted and greasy and skinny and unhappy. Even had a bout with insulin-related seizures. I started feeding him something called "Taste of the Wild" which is a very reasonably priced (cheaper than the prescriptive stuff from the vet) no CARB cat food - venison and smoked salmon. We should eat so well. It's not easy to find; we get it at Tractor Supply of all places. My sister has put her overweight Corgi Mix on the dog food and Harley is looking quite lovely these days - and has lost 25% of body weight - with 25% more to go. She was REALLY pudgy. And the cool thing is that the cats think the food is a TREAT! Sam looks fabulous now and is in much better spirits.

Oooh, I am such a sucker for tufty toes and little pink paddy-paws! Glad to hear Miss Tiny is doing so well that she's still a legend at the vet's office!

She looks so sweet all curled up like that.

Good news. Keep it up tiny-pawed-Tiny. So cute.


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