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December 28, 2009


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This is exciting news, Sissy! I wasn't even sure there was a Republican who dared to go after Teddy's seat until the primary was over. The only TV campaign ads to filter up across the border into New Hampshire were for Coakley, Capuano, and Pagliuca. But now I tell my friends from Massachusetts to call five friends and tell them to call five more. Go vote for Brown! This could be huge!

Tom: Tea Party Fever!

I'd never done anything much political but gripe and moan on the blog and maybe write a few letters to the editor until last March and April when I joined others who were as mad as hell and weren't going to take this any more at tea parties in Newburyport and then Boston.

I'm thrilled that you have caught the fever too. Great work, and thanks for the link at Libertarian Leanings.

Could the Taxachussetts GOP finally bag themselves a Senate seat?

Hey, New Jersey just un-elected Jon Corzine so anything is possible.

This federal government worker from the Show-Me State kicked in $50.

Sissy, I confess. I caught the fever. A case so severe that I even went down to DC to be there on September 12th. We live in exciting times. Thank you for the linky love.

This is an amazing video and it might help Scott Brown.
America Rising: An open letter to Democrat Politicians. Please send this to everyone you know.
This makes me feel as if there is hope.

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