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December 09, 2009


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There was a time, long long ago, when Republicans stood a chance in Taxachusetts. And they may again with people like Sissy and Tuck animating the debate.

As to Ms. Coakley's assertion that abortion 'It’s personal with me, and it’s personal with every woman,'” is blatant nonsense. I am fervently and unshakeably anti-abortion and I know a lot of women who share my view. We have killed since Roe v. Wade some 40 million infants in this country. Talk about a Holocaust!

So her glib pronouncement that "every woman" shares her views is just asinine! I think I'll send Mr. Brown a nice little check!

We shall see. I guess it depends on how many people go out to vote. The other big factor: how many who may like Mr. Brown's message, but have always been "Democrats" will vote for him?

I heard someone yesterday say that Martha Coakley was very concerned about keeping "the children" safe... I guess the idea is to abort enough of them to keep the numbers low... thus making it easier to become the all seeing all knowing watcher of the children that are left. Heh.

Here's to Scott Brown and the power of the Tea Party Movement.

You all may want to check out what Ann Coulter has to say about Martha Coakley.

This could be her (Coakley's) Achilles' heel...

Interesting anecdote. I was getting my hair cut Tuesday in Hah-vahd Square and ventured into politics with the man wielding the scissors. He already knew I was, as I put it, "more conservative than 101% of his other clients," but we remain friends. And he is a great hairstylist.
I asked him who he was voting for in the primary, and he volunteered that he was a lifelong Democrat (which I already knew), but he did not think that one party control was a good thing. He was unhappy with what he was seeing out of Obama and Congress.

And that is how Scott Brown can make some headway. The question is, will he?

Interested in volunteering with me?

Scott Brown has gone national. We are all watching his race very closely.

I've been reading that Coakley is a no-show on the campaign trail. She's sitting back and waiting for her adoring fans to go out and vote for her.

I wouldn't want anyone like her to represent me. I think the good people of Mass, are just as fed up as the rest of us, and want to make a real change in the make-up of Congress. The time for tax and spend has to come to an abrupt end, or else they'll spend our last borrowed dime.

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