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December 27, 2009


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When sink or swim comes down to a US Senate race in Massachusetts, better you should sit down, bend over backwards and kiss your arse goodbye.

Because by then you've already lost.

Scott Brown has an "old-think Republican arse" because he's an old-think Republican. You don't magically become an outside-the-box, "rogue," go-for-the jugular candidate. He is what he is and that's what the establishment in MA wanted - oatmeal!

We're toast.

I agree that Scott Brown should try and nationalize the race: Here in MA, he hasn't got a prayer if people follow party affiliation.

I'm just not sure how it ought to be played: On one hand, Obamacare makes the rest of the country do more-or-less what we have to do already because of our new state-mandated plan. Mass probably benefits by the feds making everyone do what we have done since it makes the whole country equally handicapped too.

Maybe he could point to the hole the Mass plan has blown in our budget and argue that the national plan would do the same thing to the federal budget.

From the standpoint of the national GOP, it would be a real shot in the arm to pick up a seat in MA.

Paul A'Barge - comment one - seems to be right.

If we are three weeks out from this election and he even needs this sort of advice, then he is a loser who has already lost.

What a shame. Once again, America needs a hero and we produce a nothing.

I suppose this non-health-care totalitarian putsch is going to come down to brickbats in the streets in the end.

It's probably a bad idea to hitch our wagon to an old nag like this one. The left wing media will claim that it is a referendum on socializing our health care system if Brown loses (which he most assuredly will in a brain dead state like MA). If he wins then it is because the Dems had a bad candidate blah, blah, blah.

November is the first chance we have to take back our country. Frankly, I don't think it happens even then. All of these things will be in place and Obama will veto any repeal. Our government has lost the consent of the governed... at least about 25-40% of the governed so that means the tyranny will continue unabated and will ratchet up each time the Democrats are in the ascendancy.

We lost this battle when FDR threatened to pack the courts to get their acquiescence for his extra-constitutional endeavors. Thuggery always prevails until a revolution wipes the slate clean again. Then the petty tyrannies can begin accreting anew.

There is much to recommend that strategy and certainly little to lose by it. At the same time, the disparity of forces between Democrats and Republicans in the Bay State is lopsided enough to make any strategy -- even very good ones -- an uphill battle for the Republican.

Personally, I would very much like to see the Massachusetts Senate race turned into a referendum on Health Care "Reform." but let's be under no illusions that this strategy alone will win the fight.

National fundraising can shower the Boston, Worcester, and Springfield markets with ads, but you can't win this one with an "air war."

It will take a coordinated outreach and GOTV strategy the likes of which the Massachusetts GOP has had a hard time delivering and which is the Democrats' daily bread.

It can be done. For proof, see the elections of Weld, Cellucci, and Romney to the Governor's mansion. It just won't be easy.

Even if Brown cannot win, a strong showing based on a fight against the governent mandated health care disaster will have a big influence upon the voting of Dem Senators in states where there is a real possibility for them to lose their seats.

I think in order for Massachusetts voters to finally start considering the GOP as an option, they'll have to finally hit rock-bottom and run out of self-excuses for their past behavior.

The good news is that Martha Coakley (the almost certain winner) will give Bay Staters plenty of opportunities to ruminate on their past sins and start on the long road to recovery. Coakley definitely ain't no charming, red-nosed rogue like Ted Kennedy--she seems to have all the personality and bubbly mirth of wilted lettuce. Furthermore, given that Coakley is already 56, she sure as hell ain't gonna spend the next 47 years in office like His Chappaquiddian Majesty.

Hope yet arises, no matter how much it's crushed underfoot....

The people, in the Commonwealth, will never vote against their own self interest, even to save the country, that's so 1776. There will be some who believe that, by passing Obamacare, they can save the collapsing Massachusetts plan and take the burden off the citizens. Little do they suspect their burden is going to double.

You might as well make this all about Obamacare because there will be no support for a Republican candidate anyway so try something different. If he wins, Massachusetts will, once again, be the leader in the revolution, if he loses then the remainder of the country can, indeed, "Blame it on Massachusetts"

When you get to a general election, you vote in the glass that is the fullest. State Senator Brown is against Cap & Trade, against Federal Health Care & for 2nd amendment. His opposition is for destruction of Consitutiton.

Easy to support. Should have had a Patriot on the primary ballot, but too late for that. Be sure there is one on your primary ballot this 2010. Vet them at Independence Caucus http://icaucus.ning.com

Anyone across the country who is interested in phone-banking on Scott Brown's behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at:

[email protected] or call 509-595-4683

Brad will set you up with a user-name and password. You will receive an email with your unique user name and password, as well as a link to the website where you will log in. Once you are logged in, watch the tutorial on how to use the system and then you can start making calls.

There will be a money-bomb for Scott Brown on January 11th. You can pledge your support or donate today at http://www.brownforussenate.com/.

If you know anyone who lives in Massachusetts encourage them to be boots on the ground by distributing yards signs, talking to fiends and neighbors, registering people to vote, and getting them out to the polls. They can contact one of Scott Browns campaign offices for information on how to get involved.

Please forward this information along to all of your Tea Party, 9/12, and other liberty-minded groups and consider this a call to action.

The primary election for this race just two weeks ago saw only a 10% voter turnout and less than that is expected for the election on the 19th.

A massive Get-Out-The-Vote campaign in the next three weeks on Brown's behalf could make a difference.

Maybe Brown needs Obamacare to help bail out Romneycare! Ever thought of that?

The Massachusetts Republican establishment has a long history of conceding the majority of elections in return for a small but significant slice of the patronage and an agreement to allow a few dunderhead hereditary Republicans to run unopposed for the state legislature. It's pointless to try to reform this outfit. Instead, a write-in campaign should be started NOW on behalf of someone outside the control of the Republican machine.

I just finished reading Going Rogue and I wonder if this brand of Republicanism is the source of Mrs. Palin's frustrations during the campaign last year and the sniping at her we've seen since then. Perhaps Massachusets Republicans, including Mitt Romney, lack the ability to say anything but "me too" to statist Democrats. Speaking of Mr. Romney, where is he in this fight?

Oatmeal indeed. That is what is wrong with the GOP. The grand old party of good old boys think they can continue business as usual and the tea party crowd will jump on board. Sorry, Charlie. It isn't going to happen.

I really want to know more about Night Ranger.

Maybe you're high off your ass but Scott Brown has already come out against health care and stated he won't vote for the bill.

Once again, someone doesn't get the point. Being against Obamacare and saying so and campaigning vigorously against it in Massachusetts are two entirely separate things. And bandit - I find your language offensive! That is no way to talk to Miss Sissy!

Many commenters seem to be missing the boat. Rather than lambast the Republican party, all interested voters should support Scott Brown to defeat the unopposed march toward larger government, higher taxes and oppressive debt. This is especially true here in MA. Scott Brown is a worthy candidate, and this election is far from over. He can win with your support, and whomever makes this happens has great say in the future of our State and possibly the country. This is a rare and exciting opportunity!

This first major campaign of the new year can be the test of policies that can take us back to the America we believe in...or not. Hearing another politician parse his words to gather the big tent is not going to work this time. Having a short list of REAL policies could nationalize the 2010 elections and provide choice, something for the Republicans to ALL support...or not. Choice in healthcare? How about the public option where you are allowed to deduct the amount the government spends per person and spend that on your own healthcare? That's competition. Funny how something like a 2 line Structured Query Language script to determine what is getting spent per enrollee is NOT being offered as your personal tax break for healthcare. None of the politicians care about your choice!

Republicans are wussies in general. I am an old Goldwater Republican; say what you mean and mean what you say is all I ask. If one term is what honesty causes one to have, then one term it is and back to civilian land as the founders envisioned. Is that too damn much to ask!

Next Tuesday if Mr. Brown wins (and he will) it will be the Scott heard round the world!

You listening Congress?

Here we are it's TUESDAY and people are voting. Scott Brown received donations from all over the country via the new fangled tool called the INTERNET. He ran a magnificent campaign and he did it his way. The game was all his and he didn't fumble the ball. Massachusetts is a great state and may be the rightful leader to take back our country. OLD, TIRED, LIBERAL Bellwether states like California have set us on a course for hell and now old bones are coming back. Can these bones LIVE??? Yes!

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