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December 22, 2009


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I think she adores being a burr under their saddles!

It seems Mr. Brown has more than a bit of a tin ear when it comes to communications. Good Grief! One wonders why he would be any different once elected than the rest of the politicos here in MA... I can see it now...

[begin future thoughtful communication]

"Thanks for the email about your concerns, I'm too busy to actually look at it, but I appreciate your sending it."

[/end future thoughtful communication]


If Mr. Brown ever runs across your blog (although being such an incredibly busy man I'm sure he doesn't have the time for such mundane things) I can show him how to rewrite his note to you. Maybe he would learn something.

"Thanks, Sissy. I was so sorry to have missed the chance to attend the Newburyport Republican gathering. Perhaps we will meet at another such gathering in the near future. I would be delighted to have you volunteer for our cause. Laura Goodspeed is our volunteer coordinator. She can give you the details about when and where the calls are being made."

Now - how difficult was that? A few minor wording changes, zero extra typing time and it sounds completely different. This would leave you feeling happy rather than snubbed. (It wasn't even sent to me and I felt snubbed!!!)

Yes, you have to wonder about a pol who is so tone deaf before he's even elected.

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