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November 27, 2009


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Looks as if a wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all! The food... Mmmm... and no, I wouldn't touch a parsnip with a 10 foot pole. ;)

Sam the Wonder Cat was bleating around the house yesterday morning for reasons I couldn't quite figure. Sis suggested I give him some scraps of turkey! I did it reluctantly since Sam has never evinced any interest in "people food" but sure enough - the little beggar was longing for some well deep fried bird for sure! He's been having a ball and enjoying the turkey induced torpor as much as anyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to Sissy, Tuck, Tiny, Goomp and all the family.


You had me at "roasted root vegetables" - and then you hadda throw in that gorgeous shot of Purrky.

Our turkey was perky, too. Brining definitely results in a moister bird. The carcass has, by now, been converted to Turkey Stock, the better to make Turkey Barley Soup tomorrow...

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