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November 01, 2009


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I am afraid the problem is people who want power and GRAFT AND WHO HAVE LITTLE INTEGRITY. ALSO KNOW AS PROFESSIONAL politicians

Reagan long and carefully dueled the established party, until he triumphed. I am really marveling at this correction though and I believe it will be strong and right (with two connotations). It is first and foremost, member driven and their ability to come to a consensus through blogs and the internet.

Heads need to roll for this debacle- or just hand the RNC over to Palin.

It was refreshing to hear Newt admit promptly that "the days of the party picking candidates is over".

Maybe he was trying to save his butt, too- sure sounds like it.

The GOP "leaders" have been the problem for 8 years. We got lucky in 04 with Kerry to cloud the air and hide the liberal agenda of the GOP elite. We warned them many times since 01 but they lied to us about changing back to conservative from their progressive governing. We did not believe their lies any longer in 06 + 08 and they lost both elections by big margins. They still want to make the GOP the "new left wing Party".
If the "leaders" in *both* houses and the RNC are not fired the party will continue to lose. America is conservative not progressive.

The people who are smart enough to solve our problems are likewise smart enough to avoid politics! Our founders never envisioned a professional politician class in this nation of ours; their intent was that the Senators or Congressmen would do their business for a few months each year and then return home to their REAL jobs. That's the problem - almost none of our political class have ever held REAL jobs - they entered politics practically from the womb. As to the presidency, George Washington was at great pains to keep it from being what President Obama envisions - himself as the imperial leader of us poor, pathetic peasants! I have news for him - I'm no peasant and neither is anyone I know. We're hard working people with a lot of class and dignity and resent like the devil having him condescend to us as he almost always does!

I say, throw all the bums out. Random selection from the phone book would serve us better. At least none of them would have the stones to write a nearly-2000 page health care reform that nobody on God's green earth would be willing or able to digest! Nancy Pelosi truly should be locked away for her own good, along with James Earl Carter, Jr. and Charlie Rangel and John Dingell and a whole bunch of the other corrupt and power-mad bunch of bozos currently masquerading as legislators and leaders! Pfui!

And God bless the Baracude from Wasilla! She just sails along serenely, poking holes in their pompous balloons and evading the strictures the elite media is trying to impose upon her. They are trying to destroy her because they fear her and know that their reign of terror over the body politic is nearly at an end!

I find it interesting that there seem to be RINO's but I don't see any DINO's. Could it be that Dems like Dede have decided to try and get votes from Republicans by simply calling themselves Republicans? Hmmmm...

It's the usual lib method. Tell someone something enough times and they start to believe it, whether or not it's true.

So Dede called herself a Republican and for some reason people want to believe the label rather than the actions. Of course in the case of Rich it gives him something to blather about.

I could not disagree more with the fashion provided by many here.

Yes, the tiny few GOP Officials in NY23RD made a huge error.

But the failure was primarily due to the lack of a primary.

"In the present crisis, the GOP establishment is not the solution to our problem; the GOP establishment is the problem."

NO, the present crisis was created by Voters, American Voters, who gave power to Democratic Partisans beginning in 2006.

There were some foolish Conservatives who ran with a mantra to 'lay down' for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader.

Sorry, but the class warfare some are using, including Rush Limbaugh, calling the GOP establishment as "Blue Bloods" and "Elites" is simply ugly.

You see, those serving in the GOP, are in the Millions, and they are Americans. Any political party is shaped by Members. Many Conservatives, including the sideliners, who are cynical and never have run for an election, governed, etc., simply never bothered to get involved in a serious format, which would help influence the Republicans.

Politicians will always blow by the wind. They did under Ronald Reagan, and will forever.

The suggestion the establishment fought against Ronald Reagan is also rather mythic. Barry Goldwater was a very conservative candidate, perhaps even more conservative than Mr. Reagan the hero.

Sorry, but the fashion is growing in some truly bizarre formats. There are some, pushing concepts that Republicans hate Sarah Palin? That certainly wasn't the case when they robustly supported her as the VP Candidate of the GOP. Nor did they turn out against her endorsed Candidates in Virginia and NJ.

Some have become so delusional, they have actually labeled many great Republicans as 'liberal', simply due to a fictional image they have created about certain regions and backgrounds.

If those who wisely oppose the Democratic Partisan disaster, begin to embrace the stereotyping which mimics the Democrat fashion. We are all lost.

The GOP establishment is what we make it.

The Republican Party is not the problem. The Millions of freedom loving supporters of who work, volunteer, serve, the Republican Party just helped liberate the 'collectivist' State of New Jersey.

This poster tried hard to encourage others not to cede power to the Democratic Partisans back in 2006. Believing this would only enable the very worst, like the Nomination of John McCain.

The GOP is not perfect, no Party will ever be. However, the Republicans have voted against the Obama Stimulus, the Cap and Tax folly, and now the Health Care Nationalization efforts. They have been admirable.

I strongly feel the fashion has grown from an absence of objectivity regarding the Bush Administration and the Republican's slim majority from 2002 to 2006.

Conservative Pundits, playing fire, have only encouraged a very unreasonable distortion of the true record.

It is ironic, the same who pushed Fred Thompson as a pure conservative, don't seem to recognize the hypocrisy about how they treat the former Bush Administration and the short lived Republican Majorities.

Facts, basis, reason, etc., are what WFB used to grow a really sound movement.

I hope the best of my friends, associates, etc., will follow this wise path.

PS: Ronald Reagan would never have used divisive rhetoric like the class warfare we see today, often used by Conservative Pundits, such as "Blue Bloods" and "Elites".

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