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November 24, 2009


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Integrity thy name is not news reporting.

Not my training in J-school AT ALL. I find this whole thing very distressing. Sure, I blog. But that is clearly and unabashedly MY opinion.

I covered the JFK assassination and of course, having seen the Zapruder film repeatedly, I had my opinions, particularly since I had grown up around firearms of all sorts. The personal opinions were never expressed directly or indirectly in my reporting. I stuck to FACTS - not my view of things.

I also covered the second Sam Shepherd trial. Once again, I had my opinions. They were strictly restricted to the space in my noggin. I was as impartial as Herculean effort could cause me to be. You see, then and now, I thought the man was guilty as sin!

It takes effort and a commitment to allowing the reader to form his or her own opinion - but unbiased reportage is possible. Most people calling themselves journalists today are just too filled with hubris or too lazy to do it!

This is a prime example of the problems with 'fashion'.

Remember "bell bottoms"?

Democrats have grown their power, peddling a fashion which dehumanizes their opposition as being ugly and uncaring. They vilify Republicans and Conservatives in such an obscene manner. It has grown for decades with these Partisan Democrats, peddling a fashion in numerous Media Establishments, Educational Institutions, and Public Offices.

The Climate 'con' is just another fashionable movement, that lacks basis, and is pushed as a reason to gain power.

Fashion is easy to grow, as many just don't pay much attention to the specifics, and often believe what they hear, see, read. Also, in regards to the Democratic Party effort to debase GW Bush, many just want to be accepted. It is this human desire, to belong, which has grown such a disastrous fashion amongst many. So many lousy, corrupt, incompetent figures have been built up, while so much bad policy pushed, all empowered by a simplistic fashion.

I see it growing on all sides, all the time.

Perhaps the most amusing, was Mr. Perot's Third Party movement, which basically empowered the Clintons to the Presidency.

Here, on Our first Planet, some for their own gain, have pushed a 'global warming' fashion, which they know label 'climate change'. The desire to have a better environmental existence is a sincere positive, but it reminds us all, just how unethical some can be, and the overwhelming influence of Our popular culture has on the human existence.

Pop Rocks and Beatle Mania, might even have been exploited by eager socialists today.

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