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November 21, 2009


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I have no sympathy for the dying media. The bias from those jerks played a HUGE role in how we got here.

I trust citizen journalists much more and then let the facts shake out.

Newsweak, Time, Communist News Network, MSNBC, NYTimes, Wash. post,

All horrible. The AP putting 11 journalists on factchecking Palin's book? How many did they put on Obama's?

Tucker was on RedEye a couple days ago:


If you want to get one of the "New (to politics) Girls" into Congress in FL-08, please visit Peg Dunmire at http://www.dunmireforcongress.com/ and vote for her at the Guetzloe Report's Online Poll at http://www.guetzloe.com/01_homepg.html. Have a great day!

Putting the greater good ahead of self-interest is an allusion of liberals. It is my self-interest that they wish to sacrifce to make themselves feel good not theirs.

Isn't it interesting that Norah O'Donnell can't stand the idea that there could be people out there, including young women, who don't agree with her? I don't know too many people with an ego so fragile that they have to try to belittle a 17-year old to buttress their own idol worship of President Obama.

Norah O'Donnell and Susan Roesgen are the same individual, cut from the same cloth, and stitched together by the same network, giving the same illusion of journalism, when in reality it's partisan indoctrination of the highest order.

Wouldn't it be delicious to ask Norah O'Donnell, "Say, Ms. O'Donnell? I understand your need to feed your ego by intellectually attacking a 17-year old, but where were you when those three kids wore t-shirts proclaiming 'Palin Is a ***T'?"

Very curious that Ms. O'Donnell made no noise regarding that tiny little protest.

Perhaps her "journalistic" slip is showing.

All of the so-called elite media (elite only in the sense that they are united in their dopiness) are terrified of Sarah Palin. She reminds them that the East and West Coast are not the sum total of this country and that those of us who comprise the middle (and majority) of this nation did not go to their fancy schools and high-toned universities and we have a simple and responsible attitude toward our lives. We don't buy their horse manure for one second and that kills them because they've been given self-esteem their entire lives, instead of earning it! So of course they think we should curtsy to their brilliance and when we don't, well they are just shocked, shocked I tell you, down to their marrow. Pfui on them and their ill-conceived point of view and candidates. It's time to take back our country!

I certainly love what the Pope did, by inviting the Artists.

Not certain what it has to do with the Palin experience.

Perhaps leadership?

Maybe my reading this morning is to swift, as I may need some more coffee.

I truly think "Freedom Works Press Secretary Adam Brandon" is wrong.

It takes a team. In Virginia and NJ recently, it took a team.

It took a team to get the fine GW Bush elected twice, same with Ronald Reagan.

And frankly, I find the 'cult of personality' building concerning. I never do it with any politician, thus I suppose, I am never let down.

Regardless, it is nice to see so many in the Conservative realm, thrilled with the presence of the fine Mrs. Palin.

She is nice, but I remain the cynic.

GW Bush drove the left even more insane. They hate all who oppose the disastrous Democratic Party, this is nothing new to me.

Perhaps the gender is the issue, as we may have never had a Mom, a true American Women on the Conservative side, who holds such a Celebrity status.

Regardless, when I watched this morning, I was hopeful and happy to see Mrs. Palin interviewed via Fox on the morning show. Great to see the many faces at a crowd. Then I was so disappointed by the actual offering of the interview. Saying 'conservative principles' over and over, is not impressive, nor is blaming everyone else for bad interviews long ago. But this odd suggestion at a third party, entertaining the idea, seemed to lack Leadership and ethics, coming from a former GOP VP Nominee of the last General Election. It was odd to see Sarah Palin bash her own Party, as if she followed fashion. One thing to be critical in a constructive manner, while including the positives, another to simply toss the Republicans under a bus. "Get it's act together" ? The same Party which voted against the TAX AND CAP disaster, the Obama - Pelosi failed Stimulus, the horrid Nationalization of Health Care, etc.?

I grew weary with the fashion as you know. Same fashion that debased GW Bush, and helped empower Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, etc. today.

I was looking for leadership this morning, and was not seeing it. And this contradiction reminds me of the Fred Hype.

Just have to be honest, as my instincts remain concerned.

Something doesn't add up.

But we shall see.

Hoping I am deeply mistaken.

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