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November 15, 2009


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Happy Birthday to Goomp, a Renaissance Man in a nation of metrosexual males!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Goomp!

May there be many more, all in good health and surrounded by happy, loving family members.

We are so lucky to be a family that all love one another. And I was so lucky they all came from as far as 1,000 miles to celebrate my ninetieth.

No luck involved goomp - well deserved respect, love and admiration! Not just from your family - but from all of us who only know you through Sissy's blog. And isn't Purrkey looking lovely/handsome these days. MANY happy returns goomp - you are cherished by many people you've never met!

90 amazing years !

And here's to 90 blessed more...

What a thrill.

Happy Birthday.

What a wonderful Family.


The mighty SISU is always so impressive and heart warming.

I second Gayle's comment. Goomp (and Sissy) - you are cherished by many people you will never know.
Many happy returns.

Oh I'm so late!!! I seem to have gotten myself so far behind on everything I can't seem to catch up.

A very belated but notheless heartfelt Happy Birthday to you Goomp! I see a wonderful time was had by all and that's excellent. WooHoo!

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