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October 11, 2009


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It is amazing and a gift to have such fauna in the heart of the city.

Glorious green eyes! I am fascinated by raccoons and make huge efforts to track them on my walks at the beach (where they raid the picnic area trash barrels). However, ours mostly have rabies, so my kids think I have a death wish! One of our cats was fatally attacked by either a raccoon or the neighbor's tom cat (even the vet couldn't be sure as no one saw). She hung on for a bit, then had to be put to sleep. So I clatter things and throw clods of dirt at the raccoons that venture near our yard (for fear of them going after our cats). I have a post for Monday about letting my cat roam (obviously a personal decision, and it would be too risky with a lovely cat like yours as someone might steal her)??.

My Sam doesn't roam any more since the gaps in the back deck screening have been reinforced with chicken wire! Even my 26-pound behemoth cannot defeat well installed chicken wire. However, he has a number of friends who come to call - all ladies of good taste, I might add, including one lovely who looks like she could be the female version of Sam! They sit on the steps to the deck and canoodle with Sam.

Tiny Sweet Pea is gorgeous. There is no question on that score. And I know you don't really let her "roam" per se since she is on a tether. I think the safest way to describe it is letting a cat BE a cat!

Meanwhile, Sam is busily trying to figure out what the big white box on the deck is - I got a new (2nd hand) upright freezer over the weekend! He's enthralled and vibrating with curiosity. He's also exhausted from supervising friend Bobby yesterday - through the front storm door. Bobby cleaned up the front yard, pulled all the weeds, disposed of any errant plants that don't belong and discovered a rose bush of which I was blissfully unaware in the 2 years I've lived in my little house in the woods! Good weekend all around!

I don't let my cats out although they have escaped at times.The Siamese treed themselves and a ladder was the order of the day. I need to put more pictures up of all three of them and the dergs. It's just a matter of doing it.Check out my blog here. The top part of the page was my baby but sadly she passed away 3/21/09.

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