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October 18, 2009


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You could not have stated it better. The dark side of human nature does exist and is probably necessary as a defensive mechanism in the struggle to survive. The teachings of Christianity and Judaism of how to behave and of what constitues honor are among the best philosophies developed to control this unkind instinct. Lack of belief in the God of these religions does not detract from the accumulated wisdom of the ages that they represent.

Brilliantly written and compiled, Sissy. I've also linked to Dr. Zero's excellent analysis. Apparently we aren't supposed to criticize our "betters" (how they dare to define themselves that way is a mystery to me) but rather just go along being mindless robots worshipping at Obama's throne. Horse feathers to that! I'm too doggone old and too doggone cranky to be anyone's mindless robotic follower!

Well done indeed.

Really enjoyed this fine offering.

Great job, Sissy! I've missed these meaty posts. (not a Twitter fan, myself). Plus, there's a reason even atheists and agnostics responded so to the Star Wars saga: a retreaded version of the story of people's struggle against the dark side.

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