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October 09, 2009


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Ignorant intellectuals are destroying civilization.

Never before has one man received so much praise for so little accomplishment! Destroying civilization, making a mockery of those who have honestly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, this incompetent twerp has managed to make Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace prize look almost deserved!

I swear, I'm about to give up on humankind altogether and just hang with cats.

I feel like Alice in a looking-glass world. Sissy, I'm just starting a new blog (very early stages) called The Daily Diligence, where I can keep track of political news, and link to conservative opinions and blogs. My old blog will be changing a bit, eventually. Anyway, I posted a few Nobel links today on the new blog.

Is there a reason to pay attention to this "award"?

I thought any reasonably sane person wrote the entire Nobel thing off as a monument to hubris after Yassir Arafat was gifted with one of his very own. (although one wonders if the judges felt it was in their best interests to give him the salve to his pride in order to avoid a messy ending... but I digress).

Once you award a "Peace Prize" to a mass murderer, it, as well as the awarding committee, becomes an object of ridicule as well as casting suspicion on later recipients. Heh.

Jimmy Carter is still a pathetic little knucklehead receiving a peace prize from other knuckleheads

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