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October 21, 2009


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The fate of The USA hangs in the balance. If Obama can silence Fox then the "sweet land of liberty" is gone from this earth.

Aw - look at the pretty kitties. I think Earl Grey is working his way toward moving in with you ;-)

As for this:
"Gibbs: That’s our opinion."

So Gibbs and Obama are allowed to have an opinion, but those who disagree with them are not...

Do Gibbs and Obama know there is a document called the Constitution along with 10 Amendments? I could have sworn there were a few words about freedom of speech in there... but I guess I don't remember that correctly.

They are in DC, maybe someone could give them a tour and point it out.

We need to post the freaking Constitution on the Teleprompter for that jug-eared idiot in the White House to read!

I had made up my mind not to denigrate the POTUS but they are just so doggone outrageously un-American that I cannot restrain myself any longer!

They're simply following the strategy in Alinsky's Rules for Radicals...
"pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." I truly think that is what they hope to achieve with Fox.

Loving the Earl Grey and Tiny romance. :D

I'm starting to develop an enormous crush on Earl Grey! He's a very handsome fellow. We all know my preference for male cats! They like to cuddle more. Of course, I'm judging by Sam the Wonder Cat who is the MOST amorous fellow as was his little bro the incandescent Timmy - of course, all animals are amorous with me because I love them so! Sam has FOUR, count em FOUR lady friends who congregate in the back yard and chirp for him at night. He seldom responds, much preferring the cozy snuggle he is enjoying with me!

Earl stopped by early afternoon for a nip. Tiny was in the Little House at the time, keeping her powder dry under soggy skies. After getting up his courage, the gentleman caller sauntered over to the Little House for a nose-to-nose with the sweet tiny girl.

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