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October 25, 2009


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I would re-title these thus:

"Earl Grey, Majestic lord of all he Surveys."

"Needs to find the potty"

"Can you drag me there?"

"Really, it hurts!"

"No, you can't watch, go away!'

"Never mind, I'll go under Sissy's bed.'

Be well,
Mike in New Hampshire

What a beautiful pair these two make! I spent the weekend in thrall to the majestic Sam the Wonder Cat who was in a snuggling mood!

I was watching Ice skating on TV (it was really quite enjoyable) and had formed a lap which he occupied quite happily!

Cats are enormously opportunistic creatures!

Sissy - You and Tiny have made the rest of us fall in love with Earl Grey. As I have been tracking the development of the romance, I have been concerned about what would happen when the weather turned less hospitable for outdoor clowdering. It appears that all of you are in deep negotiations on that issue now. Yes, I think Earl is trying to adopt you.

And it has not gone un-noticed that Earl seems more comfortable with the paparazzi.

How can it be that less than a year after Baby's untimely and tragic loss, a cat with a certain intellect, savoir faire and Rhett Butler masculinity just happens along to soothe some broken hearts?

Earl is sent from somewhere divine, that's for sure. I've seen this happen before and the cats never make mistakes in this.

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