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September 08, 2009


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What we have accomplished - particularly with this whole speech to elementary, middle and high school students nationwide - is that The Won is now well aware that we are watching every move he makes and that it is becoming exponentially harder on a daily basis to pull the wool over our ever-vigilant eyes.

Gayle: And yet he and his minions still consider us riff raff, the hoi polloi, lumpenproles, whose opinions (and lives, apparently) really don't matter at all.

Sissy: as a child of the 60s, I recall similar things. It is fortunate indeed that I had parents who augmented my public school education by after-dinner sessions of flash cards, reading aloud, geography, word games, and the like.

That said, my sibs and I attended very fine elementary and junior high schools, probably because my parents, and others like them were VERY active in our school careers, and made it a point to be on first name basis with the teachers and the principal, and to know the curriculum, what homework was expected, and any and all special projects required. As a child, this all was embarrassing in the extreme, but THEY DIDN'T CARE about our delicate psyches, they were more interested in ensuring that we got a good education.

By high school, each of us was packed off to boarding school, which is an entirely different story!

I believe most families no longer have family sit-down dinners, parents active in the schools, or after-dinner games (which actually turn out to be educational). It's a shame, really.

Also: was that a photo op, or does Tiny really get the lobster carcase? Toby would very much like to know.

So too would Sam the Wonder Cat who is, no doubt about it, totally enamoured of his Taste of the Wild crunchie food (venison and smoked salmon - I should eat so good) but might occasionally enjoy a treat of a lobster carcass!

My parents slammed my happy hiney into Catholic school where no sass (my specialty, even as a child) and no sloth were tolerated. My father always said that my brain was way too grasshopperlike in nature and needed to be tamed. The nuns succeeded - temporarily.

I have been amazed at the number of otherwise intelligent people trying to protect the kidlets from "indoctrination". *sigh* By keeping them away from all the "bad ideas" you do not give them the tools to combat these same ideas later on.

It's exactly like the idiots who insist that "the chirren" be protected from alcoholic beverages until they turn that magical age of 21!!!! (as if they will be suddenly endowed with knowledge at that age - just out of the blue) These same people then lament the binge drinking by kids who don't learn to drink in moderation. The temptation into excess exists because block headed adults want to shield "the chirren" from every ill that might befall. Can anyone see the parallels with college age kids and liberalism? I certainly can.

It happens over and over again and yet every generation of parents seems to think that this type of protectionism works. Much better to let the kids hear it, find out what they think and then teach them how the real world works. But hey - that's like... not safe. Some kids might not listen!!! And it involves... work on the part of the parents!

Yes, I find it all very annoying. Especially the fact that all liberal speak (which - like cockroaches - needs exposure to the light in order to be eradicated) is being treated like it's pornography. (hide it from the kids!!!) Thus the tykes will be permanently scarred by any exposure at all... Good Grief!

BTW - love the misty soft look of the top picture. It's fabulous.

Oh and it looks like typepad finally fixed the issue it was having with Firefox. Yay!

Toby and Sam: Eat your hearts out. She plucked the thing herself right out of the garbage as I was distracted shelling a tail to make Goomp's lobster roll. :-)

Perfect! Were my kids still that young, I would be nervously awaiting the calls from the school about their exegesis of Pinocchio and WHY was I reading inflammatory and divisive literature with them at home...

Distracted by the carapace also....my cat is equally enterprising.

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