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August 26, 2009


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Propaganda art may, of course, be subverted to our own nefarious purposes...

What's needed are posters of Tiny and/or Earl Grey with NIP underneath.

Whatever he's selling, the American public is less and less buying it!

I have said for years that I have absolute faith in the intelligence and wisdom of the American people. So does Sarah Palin. Howard Kurtz, Mo Dowd and the rest of that "crowd" are the ones who don't trust us. They think they are so much smarter than we are! Pshaw!

That's what happens when the government starts handing out money. They expect an ROI no matter what high flown values they pretend to be projecting.

For those who took the money, this is the expected payback. That artists might be shocked by this just sends me into gales of laughter. What did they expect? A free ride? How excellent.

The death of freedom hangs in the balance. I am an atheist, but I know that the wisdom of the ages is recorded in the Christian bible.

LOVE the Tiny posters! Clever and deliciously pointed. Excellent piece by Ott, too.

Ok those pictures of your cats Obama-style at top freaked me out. I had to go look at your other great photos to come down to earth again.

Yes, that idiotic "HOPE" poster of Obama is suggestive of totalitarianism. Cult of the leader and all that.

I love the artwork!

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