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August 11, 2009


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Sounds like a good time was had by all. Nice to see that civil discourse was the rule of the day. Boy, the NPR piece was pretty blah, though!

And where was the dog? If I can't see kitteh photos at Sisu, I at least expect to see dog pix!

Great post!

Wonderful to see SISU taking action, all look great, mighty fine photos.

Really enjoyed the story, and laughed when the Partisan Obama Follower suggested the Bush Administration 'never' let opposition take part.

Such vivid denial and delusion.

The Democratic Partisans are dreaming their lives away, and we are all suffering for it.

Thanks so very much.

Compare it to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee taking a cell phone call in the middle of her Town Hall meeting, while one of her constituents was in the middle of asking a very pertinent and thoughtful question. If we use the yardstick of the New Jersey teacher who was fined $22,000 for making a personal cell phone call in class, all we'd have to do is follow some Dems around and we'd be covering at least some of the deficit.

Did Zero collect his full paycheck those 2 years he was not in his office but rather out and about campaigning for higher office? I couldn't get away with that nonsense and neither could any of us!

More Kitty pics for sure! How's the fine romance proceeding?

Sissy, I am so glad you were there and so sorry to miss you! I was keeping an eye out for you, but I was at the high school, skulking around with my camera, observing and listening. Here are my two posts about the event: I went down to the demonstration and We have met the bogeyman and he is us.

And, speaking of unions and buses, have you seen this video?

Fantastic report! Thank you.

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