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July 03, 2009


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Sarah's move sounds like a smart one to me. It also gives the lieutenant governor time to show his skills before the next election.

I have to say I took one look at the twitter trending topic and clicked away quickly. Some of the most vile things in 140 characters or less were being written about her. I'll stick to reading those I follow.

I have noticed that the campaign of Barak Obama and the sudden popularity of twitter has started a trend in this country. One I find disturbing...

If someone doesn't give specifics, everyone is ready to paint their own picture with exactly what they want the story to be. From tweeters to bloggers to pundits to news people - it seems everyone is creating a version of "what happened and what comes next" that suits their world view.

People then quickly forget this was not the stated intention of the person, ever. Merely their wish of what they want to happen. This was laughably noticeable with Obama's campaign, but it makes me cringe when I see the incredible range of speculation in regard to Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is resigning. I will assume only one thing - that this is the best thing for her. More than that I will not speculate. I have no information to even begin to make a guess about her future.

I have a feeling I will be the only person in America who is not ultimately disappointed with the outcome of my expectations.

Sarah Palin has been subjected to the most unbelievable and vile battering I have ever witnessed in a relatively long life (67 years). The only person who has experienced anything like this is the wonderful George W. Bush who bore up under the abuse with a fortitude that was astonishing. Both of these people seem to me to be more than we deserve in terms of national leaders and, if she chooses to take a step back, that's her choice and her right. Sarah can and should do what's best for her and her family. We do not own her, after all!

She might be preggers, don't you know. I don't think that beautiful woman and her handsome First Dude are celibate!

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