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July 22, 2009


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Your last sentence says it all for all government programs and businesses, "That's the problem with good intentions based upon a refusal to take human nature and the processes common to all economic systems — competition, cooperation, adaptation and feedback — into account: 'It will do the opposite.'" Let us hope enough of us understand this to put the fear of not being re-elected into the minds of our elected legislators.

Great post! Viral or not, I hadn't seen that.

RIP ... Mr. Friedman.

A brilliant American.

Another mighty fine post.

So true, thank you.

I am curious about reforms offered on the State level in Mass - The attempt to get Health Insurance for all, to stop the extreme costs to cover the uninsured, who create an unfair burden when they have a medical emergency. Many have bashed this as failing, but they never cite facts, or separate the reform to encourage Health Insurance coverage with private sector efforts, vs. the Health Care coverage that already existed.

I do know we need Health Care reform. I am curious about an objective review about Mr. Romney's efforts, seeking better policy (* not that I support the same plan on the National Stage). But know we cannot afford to pay for those who don't even try to be responsible.

Mr. Romney's comments are here:
"I'm not happy that the president wants to provide a so-called public option. There is no need for the government to become an insurance company. I'm convinced, as many before me have said, that this is a step towards a single-payer system; that it will result in billions, if not hundreds of billions, of subsidies down the road and a new entitlement, which is one of the last things America needs right now."

Reforming Health Care, with sound private sector efforts, is essential. Conservatives should have been out in front, leading as the Bush Administration tried, to reform these issues with Free Market principles, to get ahead of the rush of the Democratic Partisans from Nationalizing everything.

Of course the answer to the problem is not creating a larger Governmental Monopoly to distribute-manage Health Care with the Taxpayer dime, redistributing wealth, having others pay for everyone else. The inherit flaws of socialism always grows waste-corruption, builds an elite class in government, raises the costs of living for all, ruins incentive-growth, crushes opportunity-prosperity-freedom, etc.

Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party offering is so disastrous and juvenile.

The new President's deceit last evening was simply astonishing. He sounds like Pelosi, Clinton, etc. No change here...

* I found these two receiving less focus simply glaring:

1. Mr. Obama’s cannot even accept his own personal responsibility for the Massive Deficits he created with Nancy and Harry, with their irresponsible spending. Blaming the Bush Administration for these enormous Deficits is a joke.

2. Another big whopper, Mr. Obama is no longer calling his Pork Spending Bill of some 800 Billion a “STIMULUS” effort. Last night Mr. Obama called this a “Recovery” package. Note, he recently stated the bill was not designed as ’stimulus’, which is another massive bit of fraud.

Democratic Partisans seem to enjoy to lie...

Time is of the essence because given time, we will actually READ the boondoggle that is the healthcare reform proposals. And then summarily reject them! The American public may have been silly enough to allow Zero to pull the wool over their eyes temporarily, but we wise up quickly. Keep your present coverage? I don't think so. Many and various ways in which that will be wrested away from you. I especially dislike the provision that ALL senior citizens must consult every five years with their health care provider (not their attorney) about end of life decisions such as health care powers of attorney and the like. Setting us up for forced euthanasia, Mr. Obama?

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