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July 07, 2009


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That's my morning commute 5 days a week! Now you have permission to boohoo for me! But then, I'm the one who CHOSE to live 51 miles South of where I work - and with good reason. Who would want to live in The District anyway?

I spent the holiday at the home of friend Joyce's son David - where I made friends with his beautiful English bulldog Julia Childs (David describes her as dainty and petite - all 80 pounds of her and claims she is big boned - fatuous love there) and his Russian blue cat named C.C. I'm no fool - I showed up with treats in both pockets! It was a lovely day.

The weather made its face to shine upon us and we lived in the USA as it was meant to be. The Land of the Free.

Looks like a lovely time was had by all! Wonderful. And so glad you were not part of the later "show" on 95...

We did the botanic garden, must get some pictures up!

Loved the happy photos (and gorgeous feline in post above it), but am hungry all over again for your potato salad (have bookmarked your cookbook recipe index, salivating). Only thing is, how to eat moderate portions of such good food? I've always made my baked beans with tons of garlic also.
The kids made patriotic red,white and blue cupcakes and picked early blueberries when we were up north. We saw a moose (dog chased away).

Gayle: You are a most gracious guest, bearing gifts for feline and canine members of the household.

Goomp: Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Teresa: Looking forward to your pics of Watch Hill.

retriever: Thanks for kind comments. Re how to eat moderate portions of delicious food, check out my Cold Turkey Cookbook post on "mindful eating" for tips. :-)

Sissy - you are a wonderful woman. When I arrived at David's house, I was totally unnoticed by the children of the house (despite it being a birthday party for me as well as the country) - they were completely engrossed in the waterslide they were enjoying with their cousins! So the canine and feline residents of the house were all mine to enjoy. Joyce's two Shih Tzus, Andy and Cookie are also delightful critters and Andy, in particular, is a special favorite of mine. I think our domesticated critters are a special gift from our Creator to get us through a sometimes challenging life. I know my Sam has been a complete and total comfort the past 3 months with my physical challenges!

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