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July 12, 2009


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Let us face it. When life becomes too easy, intelligent but ignorant persons such as much of our teaching intelligencia and "modern liberals" loose touch with reality. Let us hope that the wisdom of the founding fathers can return to save their country, which reached its peak in the late 20th century.

What a bunch of dimbulbs we have serving in high places! The slippery slope they seem to invoke could easily claim their sorry butts somewhere down the line when it is decided that Mrs. Ginsberg is no longer a cost-effective person to receive treatment for her cancer. There is a total disconnect from intelligent and rational thinking among this crowd!

Goomp states it well.

Great post as usual.

I grow with a depression, as the joke in the Democratic Party is one big lie, taking us all down.

But the vapid parody we see, like Nancy Pelosi's lies about the CIA and the Bush Administration, is not what is truly making me depressed.

It is the self destructive nature of those who wisely oppose the disastrous, corrupt Democratic Political Machine, continue to debase their own interests.

So many conservative pundits are foolishly diminishing the GOP, and a third party dream is a false fantasy, especially in regards to the essential check in 2010.

I continue to see a lack of objectivity from many in regards to many fine Republicans, and find this divide of those pushing a 'pure' conservative fashion to be part of the problem. It reminds one of the hyperbolic, emotive, reactionary mindset that overwhelmed many after 2004, which viewed the fine efforts of the Bush Administration unfairly, and eventually empowered the likes of Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, etc. Advocating for sound policy is one thing, undermining your own interests (yet again) is pure suicide.

We need a team, and it will take patience, resolve, honesty, objectivity, strength, etc.

Celebrity imagery can help, but star power rarely gets the job done.

We must come together and work hard, for the deck is stacked against the reasoned in this case.

HNAV: Check out "Jim DeMint's Lonely Quest" in today's WaPo. He's not talking about leaving the party:

"I've found no one listens," DeMint said of his old approach during a recent interview with the Fix as part of our "Rising" series. "My role in the Senate is to come up with the right ideas and take them directly to the American people."

I'm following him -- and Sarah Palin -- on Twitter. Maybe you should too. It will give you courage!

I agree, HNAV. Following DeMint and Palin will make you feel better. Remember too that your intellect is appreciated and admired by many people. And what you say, matters!

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