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June 07, 2009


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As I posted in comments on Mr. Hanson's column,I think the wrong person is accused of naivety. Mr. Obama was reared in Muslim Indonesia by a parent and grandparents who are avowed socialists. He has no delusions about the middle east.

It is Mr. Hanson who is being naive when he assumes that his own desire for a flourishing and prospering farm is shared by President Obama. The president has made it very clear in statement after statement, from: the world will not allow us to drive our suv's and keep the thermostat at 72, to apologizing for America around the world, that he wishes to reduce our nation in wealth, stature, influence and military strength.

His mission is to remove the U.S. as a threat to the people he admires, including Chavez, Ahmadinejad and every other socicialist, communist or totalitarian nation, and to withdraw our protection and support from traditional allies like the U.K. which he has snubbed and insulted repeatedly.

He is under no illusion that appearing weak before these people will lead to peace, security or prosperity.

Best wishes,
Gail S

"Only someone who has not been in the real world, but only marketed rhetoric without consequences..."


The pandering, equating, appeasing of dictatorships and despots in one of the most oppressive Regions on the Planet was simply sophomoric, embarrassing, and truly misguided.

Mr. Obama just tossed Freedom, including women's liberty, civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc., under a bus to appease, with evidence it was all related to his own personal aggrandizement.

It is sad and stunning to see from a US President.

The contradictions grow, as one day we are not supposed to 'impose' values of freedom upon others, the next we are supposed to 'confront evil'.

If Mr. Obama were sincere about confronting evil, it means Iraq was indeed a sound, admirable endeavor.

But this is what is to be expected from the Democratic Party, who for years has drifted into a very baseless existence in reality. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is a fine example. So lost in partisan garbage, so deeply addicted to peddling bigotry - class warfare - racial divide, they no longer seem to care about sound policy.

Taxing, spending, appeasing, to the point where it becomes disastrous for all, failing to pay any attention to reality.

You have drawn the picture of the liberal establishment. A world of people who deny the unchangeable nature of human nature due to their absence of living in the real world as exemplified by the first great civilization of the Greek farmers.

I believe that mankind's nature when left free to exploit its talents and only curtailed when it intrudes on the rights of others is the key to the "Shining City" which we have enjoyed for over two centuries. Long may our land be bright with freedom's light.

Sorta off topic: Jimmy Carter never got it. I never got Jimmy Carter. In fact, he kinda turns my stomach. But I read not too long ago that he may soon be largely responsible for the eradication of guinea worm disease. To that at least I have to take my hat off. Pretty useful for a useful idiot!

Great post, Sissy, and looking forward to reading the book. Brilliant linking of the virtues of the yeoman farmer and conservative politics.

But definitely no romanticising rural life or the inevitable good fences make good neighbors jostling of each other. Jean de Fleurette is an extreme fictional depiction of this.

My late father in law's battles over the beavers flooding his neighbor's property, neighbor wanting to get rid of them, my father in law defending them (taking my kids to see the dam). More and more rancor. Then someone poisoned the beavers. My father in law never spoke to the neighbor again.

We are just back from that property now after only a weekend of backbreaking work just hewing out one family vegetable garden there, and trying to figure out a way to make a living up there should circumstances change here. Lumber trees every so often. Blueberries. But hilly rocky soil. Perhaps goats?

People worry that their neighbors will sell off parcels (unzoned) for development that will result in more families with kids moving in and taxes going sky high. So retired, childless and rich people are welcomed as they infuse cash into the community, but they cheered at the town meeting a few years ago when a local minister moved away (his kid was expensive for the school because Special Ed).

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