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June 22, 2009


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Americans will exercise their civil rights in a most civil manner, unless and until, The Won makes it difficult for us to do so, in which case we will veer into incivility and downright rude disregard of Obama's wishes! That's what we do. That's why this country is such a treasure. Never, ever underestimate the power and strength of the American people as a whole. Many have done so to their dismay! We're amiable people; don't push us beyond our own, self-imposed limits, however.

Obama has already managed to anger the gay community so much that they are organizing in NYC (according to my sister who lives there). If he manages to anger a few more groups who voted for him because they heard what they wanted to hear, he'll have a much more difficult time "changing" America. Let's hope he disenchants his base quickly.

Maybe that's because the gay community has finally wised up to the fact that if Obama's Muslim pals gain any power in this country, their butts are on the line! Big time. The Islamofascists make it a point to kill gays.

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